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  • Prepare an online reputation management strategy to protect your brand

    written by Lincoln Jacobe, CEO, 6 Pillars Marketing

    As businesses continue the recovery process following the global pandemic, it is an ideal time to look at lessons learned and consider future practices. In 2020, airlines, hotels and tour companies faced unprecedented levels of cancellations, rescheduling and many…

  • Seven ways business owners can avoid public outrage after a misstep

    written by Lincoln Jacobe, CEO, 6 Pillars Marketing

    Even when you plan for everything to go well and smoothly, running a business is full of risks. It’s crucial to know how to handle every type of mistake you can think of before one takes your business down. When one simple misstep can spell disaster…

  • 15 ways for business leaders to proactively prepare for digital threats

    written by Lincoln Jacobe, CEO, 6 Pillars Marketing

    Doing business online comes with a broad set of benefits that can make it easier to reach a worldwide audience and cut costs, to name just a couple. At the same time, operating in the digital realm comes with its own challenges as well…

  • Explore new social media opportunities to grow in 2022

    written by Lincoln Jacobe, CEO, 6 Pillars Marketing

    Many business owners and marketers already use social media to gain access to the target audiences they crave to reach. However, even as your social media marketing plan appears to be humming along for the moment…

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