Video Ads, Video Production & Live Streaming Video

Video Ads

Captivate. Resonate. Expand.

As your customers swipe, scroll and click around the digital world, you have but mere seconds to catch their attention. While we appreciate the value of the written word, it is captivating video content that will give you the advantage you need to break through the clutter. The video production experts of 6 Pillars Marketing have years of experience in producing best in class content that resonates with your audience, playing a vital role in your marketing strategy. Whether on broadcast TV, social media platforms or other digital media channels, viewers are more likely to retain information that is presented visually.

The 6PM video team boasts extensive production experience with major television programs, local broadcast network affiliates, A-List celebrities and award-winning musicians. Our creative artists take that experience and combine their vision with the latest in digital video and production tools. No other Hawaii marketing agency has the level of experience, creativity and commitment to multimedia and video production as we do.

Video Production

Digitize. Optimize. Maximize.

6PM’s video projects include: television programs and commercials, music videos, product demonstrations, infomercials, in-house programming, web-based streaming video, social media platform optimized video, panoramic/bird’s-eye view drone videography, training videos, multimedia press kits, marketing packages, documentaries, sales videos, production coordination, casting and audition videos, social media livestream content and video news releases (VNRs).

Statistics indicate that video effectively reaches audiences in multiple platforms. Multimedia video content can bring traffic to your website and encourage viewers to stay longer. Well-produced videos — whether informational, testimonial or instructional in nature — can support your e-commerce offerings to customers. They can also grow your followers on social media platforms and enhance your company’s presence on major search engines.

To ensure that your video can be used with ease and effectiveness, the 6PM team will optimize your videos to better adapt to various internet speeds, broadcast outlets and social media platforms. Then, our team will employ all options to be sure your video is seen widely and shared. From broadcast TV to the massive online audience, you want your content to be noticed – and remembered.

High quality video content fuels social media. For example, when creating carousel video ads for social media, 6PM artists use a multitude of captivating imagery that gets noticed by your  specific audiences. Since these platforms have innovative features to ensure your content targets the right audiences, your budget is spent wisely.

Also, while manually posting video content to your social media page is fundamental, paid video ads serve as an effective means to reach even more viewers than you might otherwise reach organically. Video ads may be targeted geographically, demographically or by user interests. Great content will help to encourage people to share your videos with their friends, family and colleagues. The same care and attention will be given to creating broadcast and online video ads, in targeting the right audience, airing times and placement.

Live Streaming Video

Connect. Engage. Extend.

Live streaming, which is one of the most exciting developments in creative media, is perhaps the most interactive tool in our video production quiver. Platforms such as Facebook Live and IGTV on Instagram are taking user engagement to an unprecedented level. 6PM creative professionals approach streaming video with the same artistic dedication as our other videos. When supported with an effective advertising and marketing campaign, live video or specially created streaming video has the potential to engage viewers from around the world. When COVID-19 demanded social distancing, 6PM created live streaming opportunities so our clients were still able to hold online events, classes and concerts to maintain that critical connection to their audiences.

6PM produces events, captures quality video content of them, and provides social media coverage during broadcasts, while keeping everything on brand. Our on-site events team, experienced social media professionals and video producers work hand in hand to ensure your events have maximum exposure. Video footage captured at events and from broadcasts can be edited later as a post-production video. Long after your event wraps up, your videos can live on to reach an even wider audience and continue to engage customers.

6PM stands ready to capture, produce and share quality visual and multimedia content in tune with your marketing strategy.

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