What Are
The 6 Pillars?

6PM is a full-fledged, full-service multi-media company and we go the extra mile to deliver exactly what our clients want. That means that our services vary specifically for each case, and as the markets and trends move in flux, so do we also adapt to best cater to our clients and the target demographic.

Our dedicated 6 Pillars showcase what we do best in six divisions, each pertaining specifically to a sector of media. Often these pillars overlap, but that’s the beauty of this business, and we love it. We hope to lend our 6 Pillars to your business, service, cause, or calling.

Marketing & Advertising
• Creative, revenue-generating advertising campaign
• Print, video, online ads
• Strategic partnerships and networks
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Public Relations & Social Media
• Embrace the virtual revolution
• YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+
• Blogs, podcasts, media programs
• TV, radio, print, online
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Branding & Graphic Design
• Make your product, business, or service stand out
• True brand representation
• Client profile development
• Stunning graphics and logos
• Full-service photography
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Promotions & Experiential Marketing
• Enhanced advertising campaigns
• Creative approaches
• Guerilla marketing
• Mobile marketing
• Product sampling
• Launches, openings, campaigns, red carpet events
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Interactive Media & Video
• Web design and upkeep
• Latest software and video technology
• Commercials and PSAs
• Web-based streaming video
• Documentaries
• Casting and auditions
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Events & Entertainment
• Live, cutting-edge events
• Small- and large-scale events
• Full hospitality services
• Catering, wait staff, decor, bartenders
• Galas, fundraisers, launches, corporate anniversaries
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