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Invite. Excite. Unite.

Event marketing is pivotal in forging a personal connection with your target audience. Whether your event is focused on generating sales, fundraising, brand promotion, milestone celebrations, or customer networking, meticulous planning and flawless execution are key. 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM) is renowned as a premier event coordination company in Hawaiʻi, offering diverse and expertly executed production services. Our seasoned team has a wealth of experience in organizing a wide range of events, from exhibitions and sporting events to festivals, concerts, themed activities, seminars, grand opening events, and more.

Our event planning specialists in Hawaiʻi unite a talented team of national and global artists and entertainers, sound and video designers, lighting experts, staging professionals, and special effects technicians to produce spectacular events of all sizes. We provide comprehensive event production services, including VIP guest list management and curation, invitations, guest registration, catering, decor, equipment, giveaways, live entertainment, sponsorships, on-site management, and more.

Our visionary team can transform any venue into a vibrant backdrop that embodies your brand’s essence. With our expert event planning and budget management skills, we ensure the focus remains on the success of your event.


Book. Enjoy. Remember.

Entertainment is a critical element in the success of any event, requiring careful selection and preparation to match the event’s aesthetic and feel. At 6PM, our experienced team ensures the ideal entertainment for your event, whether it’s for a headliner performance or ambient experience.

Over the years, we’ve cultivated an extensive network of local and global entertainers, including musicians, artists, comedians, and performance groups. Our team is always on the pulse of trending artists, ensuring access to the most sought-after talents in various genres. Our portfolio showcases our versatility in event and entertainment planning, from grand concerts featuring world-renowned artists to collaborations with sports and entertainment groups.

As pioneers in virtual and live-streamed events, we combine our event planning expertise with media production capabilities. We strategically promote your event through integrated advertising, marketing, PR, and social media channels, generating significant pre-event buzz. Our media relations and event relations skills ensure every moment, from the red carpet to center stage, is captured and remembered.

With 6PM, your event will be the talk of the town and a memorable experience that connects you with your customers, showcasing our excellence as your complete event, media, and entertainment partner in Hawaiʻi.

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