The internship program at 6 Pillars Marketing is designed to help develop the skills of our interns and give them hands-on experience in a professional setting. We look for individuals who are truly passionate about their focus area and are eager to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to the real world. Many of our interns have gone on to become part- or full-time employees at 6 Pillars Marketing or have successful careers in their fields of study. As a company, we are always growing and we hope to cultivate the talent of everyone on our team. If you have a desire to learn and believe you can be an asset to our company, we encourage you to apply.

Marketing Intern:
The intern will assist in the support and development of marketing strategies while also helping to drive revenue and sales initiatives. Tasks will both relate to internal and external branding, networking and client services. Monitoring and understanding the market is essential to assisting with proposals, campaign design and driving future prospects for the company. Intern will assist on social media projects, including increasing follower growth, for clients. Other tasks include assisting marketing team with websites, marketing and other client strategies; performing research and development to support marketing division; assisting on PR projects; helping to prepare surveys; supporting marketing event planning and initiatives; and performing other marketing related tasks, as assigned.

Interest in business and communications
Basic understanding of advertising principles
Effective written and verbal communication skills
Ability to assist in the preparation of client presentations
Continued monitoring of the market and target audiences
Outgoing and professional

See what our interns have to say about their experience at 6 Pillars Marketing:

Brittany - Marketing Intern

I am a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley writing to recommend the internship program at 6 Pillars Marketing.

My background is rooted here in Honolulu, Hawaii. I attended Hawaii Baptist Academy for grade school and high school. I received Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa Shidler College of Business.

As I worked towards my two business degrees, I gravitated towards Finance, however I wanted to explore other opportunities within the business field. Being an active member of the American Marketing Association business club, I attended a “Professionals Industry Night” where I was introduced to 6 Pillars Marketing. The internship opportunity arose to work closely with an Account Executive at 6 Pillars Marketing. My internship goal was to get a glimpse of a full-service marketing company and develop a better understanding of marketing strategies.

My internship at 6PM focused on developing a prospect into a client and executing customized marketing strategies. I experienced the prospect meeting and pitching the initial proposal. I experienced onboarding a new client and having an on-site company visit to gain a better understanding of the client‘s vision. I experienced a team “think tank” environment as we took the client’s vision and created a cohesive and customized marketing strategy and brand. It was from this well-rounded experience that I discovered my strengths, weaknesses, and passion.

Fast forward to today with seven years in the financial services industry, I carry and apply skills that I learned from my internship. My new client process and business marketing strategy stemmed from my experience with 6 Pillars Marketing. My business practice would not be as successful today if it wasn’t for the marketing foundation I learned at 6PM. I am grateful to the 6 Pillars Marketing management team for being a reference and supporter throughout my finance career.

I highly recommend that students dedicate time for internships. The opportunity to shadow successful professionals and experience their day-to-day is an insightful perspective you won’t get from your first job out of college. From shadowing I was able to ask myself, “Does this career and lifestyle fulfill my passion and purpose in life?” When you start putting lots of hours and working hard at the bottom of the ladder, you want to know with confidence that you are headed in the right career path. An internship is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

Landon - Graphic Design Intern

If you’re in search of an internship relating to the fields of marketing, public relations or graphic design, I strongly suggest taking a look into 6 Pillars Marketing. I recently graduated from the University of Hawaii at West Oahu with a degree in General Creative Media. At the time, I was in search of an internship where I would be able to apply and strengthen my skill set and gain valuable experience. I can honestly say that applying for the graphic design internship position at 6 Pillars Marketing has become one of the best decisions I made throughout my college career.

I completed my internship during the fall semester. During that time of the year is the holiday season, so a few tasks that I was given were for upcoming Halloween and Christmas events at various hotels and shopping centers. After the completion of my internship at 6 Pillars Marketing, there have been a few key lessons learned during my time there. First, work hard and build a good work ethic; You definitely get out what you put in, meaning that if you don’t put the time and effort into your work, don’t expect to get good results. Second, be flexible and open to criticism; There will be a lot of back and forth with revisions of your work because there are certain standards and requirements that need to be met. Lastly, manage your time wisely; You’re on their time, not yours. They have specific deadlines that need to be met, so do your part by completing the given task in a timely manner.

Currently, I’m working at Roy’s Restaurant in Ko ‘Olina. I have not yet applied for a full-time position, but I know that 6 Pillars Marketing has supplied me with the valuable work experience and lessons needed to be successful in the future. 6 Pillars Marketing is also a valid reference to add to my resume in the future when searching for a full-time position. My recommendation to any future intern is to just get out there and do it. My internship with 6 Pillars Marketing has given me a first-hand experience to figure out if I’m able to turn my field of study into a full-time career.

Jaclyn - Public Relations Intern

I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, and graduated from Punahou School. I left the island to attend Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles, California. Although I was majoring in English, after exploring potential career options, I found an interest in marketing and public relations. When I returned home from college for the summer following my sophomore year, I wanted an internship that would help me explore this career path. After researching marketing companies in Hawaii, I found 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM) and contacted them about a possible internship. I interviewed with them and the rest was history. Although I returned back to LA at the conclusion of the summer to continue my education at LMU, where I later graduated with a BA in English with a journalism concentration, and minored in Sociology, I kept in contact with the 6PM family.

Reflecting on my internship with 6PM, I am grateful that it allowed me to develop skills in PR and work on a variety of projects. Being that it’s a small (but mighty) company, it provided me with guidance from experienced professionals, while also allowing me to take ownership of projects. The year after I interned, I reached out to 6PM, asking if they could use extra marketing assistance. During this time, I created proposal decks for clients and developed a social media marketing strategy utilizing a popular, social media application at the time, which I also presented to clients in meetings.

To this day, the 6 Pillars Marketing team serves as a wonderful mentor to me. When I was applying for my previous position, the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator at Hawaii Energy, they not only gave me advice, but also was one of my references for the position. Currently, I am still at Hawaii Energy but am now the Public Relations and Events Specialist.

I’m appreciative of the lifelong experience that 6PM has given me and am excited for the future of 6PM and the journey of its future interns. For future interns, take advantage of the opportunities for growth, and be open to experiencing the nimble aspects of a PR agency. Working with a variety of clients, learning how to meet each of their unique needs is important with any job in PR, so going above and beyond to understand this, and also keep your ear to the ground for new ideas to pitch to them, will help you to further your growth in your internship.

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