The internship program at 6 Pillars Marketing is designed to help develop the skills of our interns and give them hands-on experience in a professional setting. We look for individuals who are truly passionate about their focus area and are eager to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to the real world. Many of our interns have gone on to become part- or full-time employees at 6 Pillars Marketing or have successful careers in their fields of study. As a company, we are always growing and we hope to cultivate the talent of everyone on our team. If you have a desire to learn and believe you can be an asset to our company, we encourage you to apply.

Marketing Intern:
The intern will assist in the support and development of marketing strategies while also helping to drive revenue and sales initiatives. Tasks will both relate to internal and external branding, networking and client services. Monitoring and understanding the market is essential to assisting with proposals, campaign design and driving future prospects for the company. Intern will assist on social media projects, including increasing follower growth, for clients. Other tasks include assisting marketing team with websites, marketing and other client strategies; performing research and development to support marketing division; assisting on PR projects; helping to prepare surveys; supporting marketing event planning and initiatives; and performing other marketing related tasks, as assigned.

Interest in business and communications
Basic understanding of advertising principles
Effective written and verbal communication skills
Ability to assist in the preparation of client presentations
Continued monitoring of the market and target audiences
Outgoing and professional

See what our interns have to say about their experience at 6 Pillars Marketing:

Mya - Marketing & Public Relations Intern

While growing up, I was always interested in writing and photography. I once wrote a blog about my experience as a military kid overseas, as I spent the majority of my childhood in Japan. It seems natural that my future career in marketing incorporates these passions, and I’m thankful to 6 Pillars Marketing for helping me prepare for life after graduation...

During my marketing and public relations internship at 6PM, I was a senior at Hawaii Pacific University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, with a minor in Multimedia. I applied for the internship with hopes of gaining experience in the field and learning how to apply my degree in the workplace.

I gained lots of experience while working with my supervisor and became familiar with working in Marketing and PR. While with 6PM, I assisted with drafting social media strategies for clients, reviewed case studies, and researched media outlets for clients in all types of industries. It was especially helpful to be allowed to move around different departments to get familiar with various disciplines within one marketing firm.

A particularly valuable assignment was when I put together a social media strategy for a construction company. I performed a social media analysis, researched clients’ competition and analyzed its social media, researched current social media business strategies, and planned a month’s worth of content.

During my time at 6PM, I learned how to develop media strategies and fully understand clients’ individual needs. I assembled presentations and researched reports to gain a deeper understanding of the media industry, as well as social media for businesses. Media strategy requires a lot more attention to detail and in-depth perspectives of clients’ needs.

I learned how to operate under tight deadlines, conducted thorough research of clients, and improved my communication skills, as well as my work ethic. From learning to increase my communication skills to digging deeper with online research and developing stronger media strategies, 6PM gave me a lot of knowledge on the industry. When working on projects, supervisors provided constructive feedback to augment my learning, for which I was grateful.

One day I hope to run my own marketing agency, and I am thankful for the mentorship and knowledge I gained while interning at 6PM. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone looking to gain experience within the marketing, communication or media industry. You will get lots of hands-on experience for real clients and work on real projects that will have real impacts.

Kaua – Marketing & Public Relations Intern

When I joined the 6 Pillars Marketing Internship program, I was a student at Menlo College, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a focus in Marketing and a minor in Political Science. While there were many businesses offering summer internships at the time, I ultimately decided to go with 6PM because I really connected with the work the agency was doing...

I grew up on Kauaʻi and later attended Kamehameha Kapālama from the seventh to the twelfth grade. I have always been interested in marketing, creating posters for family events and starting my own businesses at a very early age with help from family – including an ice-cream truck and an educational non-profit. My innate desire to be hands-on in the real world was a perfect match for 6PM’s internship.

My internship goal was to learn as much as possible about the marketing and PR world outside of the classroom. I also wanted to know how marketing specifically worked in Hawaii and how different clients are marketed to different demographics. I can gladly say my expectations were met. I never got bored and always had an interesting and new project which taught me a wide variety of skills.

My internship responsibilities included a lot of writing and creating copy, researching clients, and coming up with programming. I did social media analysis on regional shopping centers, prominent hotels, and auto dealerships. I also wrote copy for clients in the building industry, regional shopping centers, and special Hawaiian Language posts.
I am especially proud of the Hawaiian programming projects I worked on. I created content for regional shopping centers, prominent hotels, and some other extra copy for general use. I was able to create programming for King Kamehameha Day, Hawaiian Heritage Month, and future holidays.

While at 6PM, I have learned how to independently gather information, research a multitude of topics, create different content for a wide variety of industries, create information sheets for different clients, and contribute to meetings, case studies, and research projects. Through my internship, I became more self reliant and confident.

Whether I end up working at a medium or large company, opening my own business or non-profit, or joining local government, the 6PM internship helped me sharpen my skills and provided me with valuable connections for the future.

I recommend this intenship to anyone interested in marketing and PR because you will be able to do amazing work and see your work in the world, while also recieving feedback on how you could improve or what you did well.

Overall, the 6PM internship is one of the best learning experiences I have received throughout my life.

Jasmine – Marketing Intern

My internship experience at 6 Pillars Marketing far surpassed my expectations! I am really pleased with the knowledge and experience this internship gave me, and I now feel excited and ready to take on work in marketing...

I graduated from James Campbell High School with honors and went on to attend Hawaii Pacific University to pursue a BA degree in Communication Studies and Practices. After taking preliminary courses, I quickly took an interest in the communications and marketing field.When I was advised about the 6 Pillars Marketing internship, I applied in hopes of not only learning about marketing, but also to confirm if this was the right field for me and apply what I had learned so far to actual projects.

I especially wanted to learn how social media marketing runs today and how marketing campaigns are created and executed. I worked on various projects and tasks that showed me how important it is to really understand the client and meet their specific needs in the content and campaigns you create for them.

My internship responsibilities included performing audits, giving suggestions for Instagram pages, updating websites, creating reposted content on social media, as well as assisting with various campaigns. While at first some tasks seemed mundane, I soon realized that everything that I did in the first few weeks prepared me for the bigger tasks and projects I took on later.

My experience was always interesting because I was often working on different clients and types of tasks. Specific projects that stood out were the monthly giveaways, events, and the Instagram reposts for various clients. I was also especially happy to work on a National Dog Month campaign, which I created for a shopping center, and to write captions for a shopping center’s major milestone event.

Because most of the work in this program was self-directed, it allowed me to hone and grow my communication, writing, and creative thinking skills. I’ve also learned how to manage my time better.

I recommend that future interns not be afraid to ask questions, mess up or even fail. I was scared to do so at first, trying to avoid embarrassment or harsh critique. However, the only way to learn is to be open to suggestions, work together, and be on the same page with your supervisor. Everyone at 6PM wants you to learn as much as possible about this field by maximizing your time and skills.

Chloe – Marketing Intern

I learned about 6 Pillars Marketing’s Internship program through the American Marketing Association at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. I decided to apply to take a step forward into the marketing and advertising industry, work with businessmen and women who have campaigned for highly recognized businesses, gain experience, and obtain more knowledge within my field of study to further develop skills that will prepare me for the workforce.

Born and raised on Oʻahu, I graduated with Honors from Damien Memorial High School. I attended the Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa to pursue a B.B.A degree in Business Marketing and Management and earn a Travel Industry Management Certificate. With my educational and extracurricular achievements, I knew that interning for 6 Pillars Marketing was the next step in nearing my personal and professional development goals!

During my internship, I partook in independent work while having the right guidance needed for utmost productivity and successful work completion. Overall, such a welcoming and nurturing environment provided by the 6 Pillars Marketing team exceeded my expectations!

While interning, I worked diligently with my mentor to conduct ongoing research, as well as assist in the analysis, creation, and development of marketing strategies for hotels and shopping center clients to increase consumer traffic and sales. The main task of creating social media posts content involved composing cleverly appealing messages and sourcing images to be launched. I also prepared social media and website audits to ensure material optimization, use of appealing visuals, effective promotional content and messaging, and overall accessible navigation for consumers.

I also assisted in brainstorming ideas for events, evaluating esthetically pleasing images, and reaching out to business tenants to grasp the personalized imagery that clients aimed to portray to their audiences. Receiving positive feedback in regard to my caption drafting techniques brings me satisfaction. In addition, a website audit showcasing high-performance digital marketing solutions is by far my favorite project task outside of the social media projects. I was delighted to see how my audit suggestions were implemented and the difference that it made in optimizing the site.

Thanks to the amazing team at 6 Pillars Marketing, I was able to apply my knowledge learned throughout college and the internship to prove my worthiness and obtain the job as a Brand Ambassador. I plan to continue furthering my marketing and advertising endeavors with 6 Pillars Marketing to discover, experience, and utilize more strategies for projects to come.

This internship was an absolutely amazing learning experience! I was astounded to encounter how a professional team works collaboratively to accomplish tasks efficiently, especially in short periods of time. I would definitely recommend the internship to others. The 6 Pillars Marketing managers worked with me throughout the entire internship to guide me through my responsibilities and provide value insights, making the experience very enjoyable.

Ceyber – Marketing, Public Relations Intern

As a Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing, 6 Pillars Marketing offered an ideal opportunity for me to gain real world experience in the marketing field while I concluded my studies at UH West Oʻahu. I learned about this internship through the app, Handshake. I was at a Career & Internship Fair that the university set up, and I saw that 6PM had a marketing internship. I signed up for a one-on-one session to discuss the opportunity with a 6PM executive. Our conversation excited me, so I decided to apply.

My internship primarily focused on marketing and public relations. Going into it, some of my expectations included learning new things that I wasn’t taught in high school and college, and also to apply a lot of what I had learned in the classroom onto my tasks. These goals were met within the first few days of starting my internship. Some of the new things I learned include how to write a press release, draft a campaign, and write an effective caption for social media posts. By the end of the internship, in terms of my skill-set, I was much different than when I first started.

During my time at 6PM, I was tasked with creating social media posts for various shopping centers, car dealerships, and even a popular construction company. I was able to draft some campaigns for various projects, including some holiday-themed campaigns. I also drafted an outline for a 3-month campaign for a local non-profit celebrating a major milestone. Additionally, I audited social media profiles and websites, created a 30-day calendar for hotels, and identified user-generated content (UGC) for specific clients. While working on these projects, I came to understand that knowing the image and brand of each client is vital to quickly generating successful ideas.

As a kamaʻaina born and raised in Kapolei, I am thankful for this opportunity which helped me to realized that I do love marketing and that I can see myself doing this as a career. My long-term goal is to eventually be a marketing executive/manager somewhere, or own my own business and be in charge of its marketing.

I would recommend this internship to other students because it’s perfect to get your foot in the door and allows you to take a step towards your marketing career. It’s not an easy internship, but it’s one that will help you learn the basics of marketing and apply those concepts to real life projects. If future interns are “prepared for the unexpected,” they will also have the chance to experience firsthand how the business world is always changing and evolving.

Caitlyn - Marketing Intern

I was so ecstatic when I received the opportunity to participate in an internship at 6PM. I loved the agency’s reputation and the amount of knowledge I knew I would be able to learn through the staff and supervisors. Since 6PM deals with a vast variety of accounts on a daily basis, I felt confident that it would help me gain the “real life” experience I desired, especially in working with clients and focusing on social media marketing. The internship at 6PM did just that!

I grew up in Mililani, went to Hanalani Schools, and attended the University of Hawaii at West Oahu (UHWO), where I earned my BA in Business Administration in 2021. It was during my final year at UHWO that I interned with 6PM. I had many opportunities to work on social media projects, including collecting draft images, curating captions and hashtags, and creating inspirational story ideas. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to create holiday social media campaigns. I found great satisfaction being able to use my own ideas to create preliminary concepts. Other marketing activities included website evaluations, event planning stages, competitive reviews and evaluations of local media stations.

Overall, the internship was a great experience. I learned a lot about the different aspects of marketing and dealing with diverse clients. It helped me understand that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach that can be taken. It is important to understand your client and their brand to create the best content. It was interesting for me to see firsthand how 6PM works to accommodate each client.

Perhaps the area where I grew the most was in my communication skills. Since this was a remote internship due to the pandemic, I would correspond daily with 6PM supervisors through email to check-in and receive my assignments. There would also be days that group projects were assigned. In the past, I did not have a lot of experience working on group projects and, in the beginning, it was a learning adjustment. In time, I grew to love working with my colleagues to complete assignments.

My long-term career goal is to one day build a business that incorporates a sustainable lifestyle brand involving fashion. I also have a love for animals and want to create a connection between animals and their owners through an eco-conscious brand. In the meantime, I look forward to taking what I’ve learned at 6PM to a small business where I can help them define their marketing goals.

I highly recommend the 6PM internship to other marketing students. I enjoyed every project assigned to me. Even if I wasn’t knowledgeable on a topic, it was an opportunity to learn and ask questions. Also, the company is very flexible with school schedules, and the supervisors are very helpful in giving guidance. I am so thankful to have had this valuable experience.

Frances - Marketing, Public Relations, Events Intern

When I was accepted into the 6 Pillars Marketing internship, my goals were to gain insights about various businesses, explore the broader scope of marketing, and understand how current trends factor into the marketing process. With the chance to work on social media, public relations, sales and advertising, and digital projects, I was able to achieve these goals! With a B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the 6PM internship provided a wonderful stepping stool for my future career.

I learned about 6PM’s internship on the Handshake jobs/internship board and thought it was a good match for my major. While I missed the in-person interaction due to the pandemic, I found that it was still a great way to meet new people. I was able to work with other college students, as we were often given group assignments.

While interning, my responsibilities included auditing website pages and analyzing social media accounts, including assisting with campaigns, choosing photos and creating captions. I analyzed public relations statements and work, organized and created templates, and drafted campaign ideas. I also helped to communicate with shopping center tenants, as well as organize and set up meetings. I especially enjoyed creating social media campaign captions for holidays and contest giveaways. I was pleased to be able to use what I learned in my digital marketing elective class on website audit projects.

During the time that I interned, I worked extremely hard and learned to manage my time wisely. I learned that if I put in my best efforts, I would get rewarded. I gained many insights, including a better understanding of what clients need from a marketing agency.

Overall, the internship helped develop my work ethic and passion for creating ideas that I believed were worth presenting. I was able to put into action all that I learned in order to execute the proposed ideas/campaigns. The activities that I took on during the internship helped me excel in my classes. Also, the 6PM mentors were very helpful. If I ever needed assistance, they were always there to help me.

I moved to Hawaii from the Philippines in 2006 and grew up in Kalihi on the island of Oahu. Now, as I continue my life journey, I am able to apply the experience that I had at 6PM. I believe it has provided me with a solid foundation for the future. In the long-term, my goal is to work as a freelancer and a creative director for a firm.

I highly recommend the 6PM internship. Not only are you going to learn about marketing in general, but you will be able to work with the different marketing pillars as well. I encourage future 6PM interns to take risks and be confident. Take on the challenges and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Gio - Marketing, Public Relations Intern

I was attending the University of Hawaii West Oahu when I learned about 6 Pillars Marketing’s internship program at a career fair. I thought it would be a great place to enhance my marketing skills and learn about client work at a fast-paced firm. Despite that COVID-19 restrictions limited my internship to a remote experience, it effectively exposed me to an array of marketing and advertising tasks. It provided me with valuable insight and knowledge to take into my future career.

A local boy with island roots, my interests include fitness/health, nutrition, social media, graphic designs, marketing, and business management. Since 6PM retains a wide variety of clients from different industries, it provided me with a glimpse into the spectrum of marketing that can be applied to different types of clients. In the time I spent as an intern, I was able to build experience by learning how to meet the needs of different clients.

I was active in creating social media posts and updates, website development, social media analysis reports, market analysis reports, and metric reports. I was able to learn various aspects of social media platforms such as Instagram Reels and Facebook Live. I gained an in-depth understanding about how to target the right demographics and steps to making an effective caption for posts.

One particular project that stands out is the social media marketing I coordinated for the Hawaii division of a national brewing company. There are many moving parts when it comes to creating effective social media for a client. The task demands attention to detail. When creating an Instagram caption, it’s critical to follow the specific brand guideline, reflect accurate facts and details, and target the correct audiences. I had to consider previous and future posts as well for continuity. Each post required at least 20 appropriate hashtags. I learned just how pivotal hashtags are to expanding an Instagram audience, increasing engagement and elevating exposure. This is accomplished through careful research about which hashtags are popular and growing. Ultimately, I created a flowchart to manage the abundance of details. This assignment gave me my first real-world experience with the intricate process of social media marketing.

As a recent graduate with a BA in Business Administration, I look forward to applying my newly acquired marketing skills. While my short-term goal is to seek employment at a marketing firm where I can further develop my skills, my dream is to someday own my own business. I know that I will be propelled by what I’ve learned at 6PM, a locally owned, fast-paced and meticulous marketing company.

I would highly recommend the 6PM internship program to anyone who sees marketing in their future, especially those with an interest and passion for social media. If you stay focused, open-minded and creative, this opportunity will deliver a wide range of benefits. The 6PM internship is a perfect first step for any marketing career.

Mikayla - Brand Ambassador & Marketing Intern

My journey with 6 Pillars Marketing began a few years before my internship. I joined the agency as a brand ambassador, working primarily in experiential marketing and promotional events for various clients. Working with 6PM is always a pleasure and I’ve truly enjoyed being a part of the team. When it was time to find an internship for my senior project in college, I didn’t hesitate to pursue the opportunity with 6PM.

My internship with the agency was mainly focused around marketing. However, I was also able to dabble in public relations and events! I had no experience when it came to the industry, so my goal was to gain firsthand knowledge about marketing strategies, internal and external branding, networking, and client services.

The internship experience was fun, eventful, effective, and irreplaceable and my expectations were exceeded. I was able to assist with marketing strategies while also helping drive revenue and sales initiatives. I was taught how to monitor and understand the market, which is essential to effectively supporting clients. Ultimately, I gained more firsthand knowledge and experience than I expected, growing not only as a professional but also as a person.

While at 6PM, I worked on creating social media content for clients, aiming to stimulate follower growth and engagement through specialized client marketing strategies. I also assisted with PR projects, surveys, event planning and brainstorming efforts. I enjoyed working as a media handler and doing in-person PR at a local shopping center. This really helped me to build confidence. It was very fulfilling to create ideas for campaigns and projects that were actually implemented.

The internship also taught me how to work with a team on projects and assignments, learning the importance of proper management culture. I anticipate that I will be able to transfer my knowledge and experience into any type of career I pursue because marketing and advertising is useful in basically every other industry.

I was born and raised on Oahu and lived my whole life in Mililani. I graduated from Maryknoll High School in Honolulu and went on to earn a B.A. in Business Marketing and a B.A. in Psychology from University of Hawaii West Oahu. In my free time, I enjoy weight-lifting/bodybuilding/powerlifting and yoga.

As for the near future, I hope to continue to work for this wonderful team at 6PM where I can continue to learn the industry. In the long-term, I would like to follow in the steps of 6PM’s CEO and someday own a full-service multi-media marketing company. If you want to be the best, you must learn from the best.

I would 100% recommend this internship to others! The whole team at 6PM is so friendly and easy to work with, which is something that I know is not found everywhere.

Jasmine - Marketing and Public Relations Intern

If you are looking for an internship that will help prepare you for the business world, you have come to the right place. What I found most beneficial about my internship with 6 Pillars Marketing was that it brought me closer to my goal of becoming a future business professional and leader. I firmly believe that this internship has given me the foundation needed to work in the business field.

I grew up in Makiki and attended Maryknoll High School. I went on to attend the Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where I earned my B.B.A. in Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Management. While there, I learned about the 6PM Internship at a business club event. I believed that 6PM had a positive culture and was a successful agency where I could learn a lot about marketing. I decided to pursue the opportunity, and I am so pleased that I did.

Going into the internship, my goal was to gain experience in the field of marketing. I wanted to learn about public relations, corporate image management and marketing strategies used for customer acquisitions. I was given the opportunity to shadow and assist 6PM’s Senior Public Relations Manager and also rotated through various departments such as event planning and social media. Through this rotation, I improved my internet research skills, work ethic, and communication.

While at 6PM, I learned how to write copy, develop strategies, manage client relations, coordinate events/book performers, and generate engagement on social media. I also assisted with updating presentations and marketing reports. When COVID occurred in the middle of my internship, I assisted with research to ensure that the organization adapted to the changing environment smoothly. What I learned in the process is that marketing is not as straightforward as it seems. It requires coordination, communication, flexibility, teamwork, and time management.

I valued the opportunities I was given to leave the office and visit client sites, where I gained more insights on client relations by sitting in on meetings. I was able to connect what I was learning from the internship with what I was learning from my marketing classes. Even if some tasks were tedious, it helped improve my attention to detail and I learned from those experiences as well.

Overall, I believe that this internship would benefit anyone looking for a career in marketing. It will serve as a great learning experience that others may not take advantage of, giving you an advantage over them. It will also increase your network of business professionals. Plus, everyone at the agency was very welcoming and friendly.

I look forward to moving forward with my career and believe that this internship gave me a valuable experience that I can bring to my next job. Through my time at 6PM, I grew a lot personally and professionally. I believe that other students can do the same.

Landon - Graphic Design Intern

If you’re in search of an internship relating to the fields of marketing, public relations or graphic design, I strongly suggest taking a look into 6 Pillars Marketing. I recently graduated from the University of Hawaii at West Oahu with a degree in General Creative Media. At the time, I was in search of an internship where I would be able to apply and strengthen my skill set and gain valuable experience. I can honestly say that applying for the graphic design internship position at 6 Pillars Marketing has become one of the best decisions I made throughout my college career.

I completed my internship during the fall semester. During that time of the year is the holiday season, so a few tasks that I was given were for upcoming Halloween and Christmas events at various hotels and shopping centers. After the completion of my internship at 6 Pillars Marketing, there have been a few key lessons learned during my time there. First, work hard and build a good work ethic; You definitely get out what you put in, meaning that if you don’t put the time and effort into your work, don’t expect to get good results. Second, be flexible and open to criticism; There will be a lot of back and forth with revisions of your work because there are certain standards and requirements that need to be met. Lastly, manage your time wisely; You’re on their time, not yours. They have specific deadlines that need to be met, so do your part by completing the given task in a timely manner.

Currently, I’m working at Roy’s Restaurant in Ko ‘Olina. I have not yet applied for a full-time position, but I know that 6 Pillars Marketing has supplied me with the valuable work experience and lessons needed to be successful in the future. 6 Pillars Marketing is also a valid reference to add to my resume in the future when searching for a full-time position. My recommendation to any future intern is to just get out there and do it. My internship with 6 Pillars Marketing has given me a first-hand experience to figure out if I’m able to turn my field of study into a full-time career.

Jaclyn - Public Relations Intern

I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, and graduated from Punahou School. I left the island to attend Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles, California. Although I was majoring in English, after exploring potential career options, I found an interest in marketing and public relations. When I returned home from college for the summer following my sophomore year, I wanted an internship that would help me explore this career path. After researching marketing companies in Hawaii, I found 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM) and contacted them about a possible internship.

I interviewed with them and the rest was history. Although I returned back to LA at the conclusion of the summer to continue my education at LMU, where I later graduated with a BA in English with a journalism concentration, and minored in Sociology, I kept in contact with the 6PM family.

Reflecting on my internship with 6PM, I am grateful that it allowed me to develop skills in PR and work on a variety of projects. Being that it’s a small (but mighty) company, it provided me with guidance from experienced professionals, while also allowing me to take ownership of projects. The year after I interned, I reached out to 6PM, asking if they could use extra marketing assistance. During this time, I created proposal decks for clients and developed a social media marketing strategy utilizing a popular, social media application at the time, which I also presented to clients in meetings.

To this day, the 6 Pillars Marketing team serves as a wonderful mentor to me. When I was applying for my previous position, the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator at Hawaii Energy, they not only gave me advice, but also was one of my references for the position. Currently, I am still at Hawaii Energy but am now the Public Relations and Events Specialist.

I’m appreciative of the lifelong experience that 6PM has given me and am excited for the future of 6PM and the journey of its future interns. For future interns, take advantage of the opportunities for growth, and be open to experiencing the nimble aspects of a PR agency. Working with a variety of clients, learning how to meet each of their unique needs is important with any job in PR, so going above and beyond to understand this, and also keep your ear to the ground for new ideas to pitch to them, will help you to further your growth in your internship.

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