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Target. Connect. Grow.

Your organization’s success demands that you remain ahead of the curve in today’s evolving online environment. More than any Hawaii advertising agency, 6 Pillars Marketing lives and breathes on the cutting edge of technology and digital media. Our digital marketing team will target your audience, connect your brand and grow your business’ online presence with high-performance solutions.

6PM combines solid strategy, boundless creativity and productive media to help elevate your business. Consumers are connected to digital platforms more than ever and your brand needs to be visible to them where they spend their time. 6PM develops digital media that reaches your customers in multiple channels, with compelling content that differentiates you from competitors and aligns with your long-term marketing strategy.

As important as it is, digital media is only part of the marketing equation. As an innovative marketing agency, we combine our digital media savvy with years of industry-leading experience. 6PM’s team of creative professionals have designed hundreds of diversified digital campaigns, full of the rich content, imagery and multimedia needed to stand out on social media, broadcast and online platforms.

When it comes to your online presence, it is not a guessing game. Digital content is generally trackable and our team will provide analytics on a regular basis, making necessary adjustments along the way. We aim to deliver measurable ROI and exceed marketing goals.

6PM’s social media marketing solutions also provide measurable ROI and are tailored to your strategy. From daily management of social media platforms to content creation to live events to organic and paid campaigns, we can do it all.

6PM is a pioneer as a Hawaii social media company. We were among the first agencies in Hawaii to fully grasp the impact that social media would have on businesses and quickly put it to work for our clients. We will successfully grow your followers, engage with industry influencers and deploy the latest social media features to continually showcase your products and services.

We are your partner in building effective and memorable social media content. Our team goes on site to gather the freshest content, while our marketing and social media advertising experts develop organic, paid and targeted campaigns to maximize engagement. Whether on Facebook or Instagram, your imagery, photos, videos and stories will reach new audiences with 6PM’s digital & social media solutions.

Social Media Marketing Campaign for the SALT Livestream Series


Click. Engage. Sell.

The evidence is clear. Consumer spending through e-commerce continues to rise. If your brand or products are not in the e-commerce space, you are leaving money on the table. 6PM will get your customers to click, engage and buy your products.

Put our expertise in technology, advertising and marketing to work in developing your e-commerce capabilities. Great care will be taken and thorough research conducted to ensure consistency with your online strategy and distinguish you from your competitors.

To support e-commerce, 6PM can deploy data acquisition techniques to effectively fuel targeted direct email marketing campaigns. After collecting your customer’s contact information through interactive, opt-in initiatives, we will have the ability to connect directly with them to provide timely information on an ongoing basis.

Hand in hand with e-commerce is our ability to maximize your most valuable asset in the online marketplace: your website.

Website Screenshots of Ginza Onodera Websites
Sushi Ginza Onodera website development of the Hawaii restaurant


When customers visit you online, they have expectations. They expect — at a minimum — that they can get what they need, quickly and efficiently. Better yet, at 6PM, we aim to “wow” them and motivate them to come back again soon. Unlike other digital marketing agencies, our thorough understanding of advertising marketing strategies ensures that your website will always stay fresh, relevant, fluid, functional and ready to engage consumers.

6PM’s talented creative team is expert at balancing visually appealing graphics, compelling written content and multimedia with ease of functionality for online users. We employ cutting edge technology so that your customers will have a seamless experience with your website. 6PM designs dynamic, responsive websites that work flawlessly on mobile devices and desktops.

Our work goes beyond creating a striking and beautiful website. The 6PM web development team capitalizes on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to propel web traffic to your site. Our team includes designers, researchers, writers and editors tasked with knowing what your customers are looking for, even before they click the “search” button. Highly searched SEO keywords will be baked into your website, so that your company ranks high after that click.

Combined with digital advertising — including Google Ads, blogs, geofencing, location-based advertising, online display advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) programs to ensure high click-thru rates — your 6PM-crafted website will grow your online presence and keep you connected to customers in a 24/7 world.


Protect. Respond. Recover.

It happens to even the best in the business. Perhaps it was a customer misunderstanding or a disgruntled former employee, but someone has publicly disparaged your business online. Now what?

6PM knows how to respond when your reputation is at stake and will help lead you through a prompt guest recovery process. After all, your reputation as a trustworthy, customer-centered business is critical to maintaining your customer base and your leadership position in the market.

Whether on social media platforms or posted to leading business review sites such as Expedia, Google Reviews, TripAdvisor or Yelp!, 6PM’s online reputation management team will monitor, protect and defend your organization when it faces a public challenge.

Online reputation management must be enacted quickly, in accordance with your brand standards. An appropriate response to a positive review can forge a real connection and encourage future business. Did you know that a timely, sincere response to a negative review can sometimes have the same impact?

6PM works collaboratively with clients and their respective management, HR, legal and/or marketing teams, should a case escalate. Our team will respond appropriately and take the conversation offline, so that the proper steps for guest recovery can be executed. We will also monitor for inappropriate content that goes against review sites’ policies and standards, and flag those erroneous reviews for removal, to further protect your online reputation.

With help from 6PM, you can let customers know that you “hear” them and show that you care, protecting your invaluable reputation along the way.

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