Public Relations, Crisis Communications & Community Relations

Public Relations

Inform. Educate. Validate.

While purchased advertising allows you to say exactly what you want, media coverage gained through a carefully crafted public relations or crisis communications campaign can carry more weight and is often deemed to be more credible by the public. In general, earned media is exceedingly effective at validating and promoting a brand, product, service, or position.

At 6 Pillars Marketing, we are a Hawaii public relations agency with professionals prepared to create and maintain goodwill for your organization’s customers, employees, investors, and stakeholders through targeted publicity and strategic earned media. Whether you need press releases, media relations, strategic communications, media training or crisis communications, 6PM has seasoned PR professionals to aptly manage your communication needs with care and finesse.

6PM’s public relations experts have developed and nurtured ongoing relationships with local, national and international journalists and understand their “beats” (specialties) and areas of interest. We work with broadcast news, print media and online outlets to inform the community about your organization’s mission and services in a consistent and credible manner. Our use of media relations best practices aims to maximize positive coverage, while minimizing negative ink.

From traditional press releases to video news releases, our team of writers and artists provide creative content that is fresh, accurate, and primed for the media to disseminate. Our press releases are distributed to major and niche media outlets statewide to reach broad and targeted audiences. Comprehensive digital and printed press kits deliver the information and visuals needed to encourage reporters to cover your company in the best possible light.

At 6PM, we understand the value of a highly-effective media event, designed to educate journalists, media figures and influencers about your brand and generate publicity. Whether in the form of a conventional news conference or in an off-site casual group setting, we create the best environment in which to convey your timely message. Our team will provide media coaching, craft prepared remarks for your spokesperson and assist with developing succinct answers to anticipated reporter questions.

Public relations efforts will maintain brand standards and be consistent with your ongoing marketing strategy, no matter the circumstances — whether announcing the latest news about your company or navigating an emergency.

Crisis Communications

Coordinate. Deploy. Deliver.

Our expertise in crisis communications was put into action for numerous clients in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic reached Hawaii. Non-essential businesses were forced to suspend operations and stay-at-home orders were issued to the general public. As the public health situation escalated, 6PM immediately deployed crisis communications efforts on behalf of our clients. Our coordinated strategy included consistent and timely messaging in multiple platforms, including everything from website updates to social media announcements to newsletter publications and more. As we expanded communication efforts for our clients, we remained within brand standards and positioned our clients in a responsible, caring, and positive light.

In times of uncertainty, 6PM clients can count on us to deliver essential, accurate information using trusted crisis communications tactics. We will work closely with your HR, legal and executive teams on sensitive issues to coordinate an integrated response.

Community Relations

Network. Partner. Sustain.

Community relations activities are also vital to sustaining your positive public image. Relationships forged with community leaders and key segments of the public need constant attention and refinement. 6PM will work with local leaders, organizations, businesses and area stakeholders so that they know your commitment to the community.

To that end, we also offer an invaluable network of resources to develop partnerships to enhance your brand. These can range from sponsoring community events to participating in charitable endeavors to philanthropic initiatives. The 6PM team can also bring target audiences to you, coordinating public tours, visitor/tourism industry familiarization (FAM) tours, educational tours from local schools and colleges, and other special visits that connect you to the community at large.

Being an excellent community citizen is much more than a marketing strategy. It’s the right thing to do, and the community relations experts at 6PM are here to help spread the word about your steadfast commitment.

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