Public Relations, Crisis Communications & Community Relations

Public Relations

Inform. Educate. Validate.

At 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM), we understand the power of strategic public relations (PR) in shaping public perception and credibility. As a leading PR agency in Hawaiʻi, we specialize in creating and maintaining goodwill for organizations through targeted publicity and strategic earned media. Our PR services include crafting press releases, managing media relations, providing strategic communications, offering media training, and handling crisis communications with precision and expertise.

Our team of seasoned PR professionals in Hawaiʻi is adept at nurturing relationships with local, national, and international journalists, leveraging these connections to consistently and credibly inform the community about your organization, business or brand. We employ media relations best practices to maximize positive coverage and minimize negative attention.

From traditional press releases to engaging video news releases, our PR team in Hawaiʻi provides fresh, accurate, and media-ready content. We ensure widespread distribution of press releases across major and niche media outlets and create comprehensive digital and printed press kits to encourage positive media coverage. Our expertise in organizing effective media events, from news conferences to launch events, ensures your message is conveyed timely and effectively.

Crisis Communications

Coordinate. Deploy. Deliver.

In times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, 6PM has demonstrated exceptional crisis communications capabilities. Our swift and coordinated strategies in Hawaiʻi included consistent, timely messaging across various platforms, upholding brand standards and positioning clients positively during challenging times. We work closely with your human resources, legal, and executive teams to deliver essential, accurate information on sensitive issues.

Clients can trust our crisis communications expertise for an integrated and effective response during any crisis, that ensures the stability and integrity of your brand.

Community Relations

Network. Partner. Sustain.

Community relations strategies are key to maintaining a positive public image, and at 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM), we excel in this area. We actively engage with local leaders, organizations, businesses, and stakeholders in Hawaiʻi to strengthen community ties and demonstrate your commitment to the local community. Our extensive network aids in developing meaningful partnerships, from event sponsorships to charitable endeavors and philanthropic initiatives.

We facilitate connections between your brand and the community through public tours, industry familiarization visits, educational programs, and special events, underlining your commitment beyond a marketing strategy.

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