Branding, Graphic Design & Creative Strategy


Identify. Build. Shape.

Simply put, your brand identity is the consumers’ comprehensive perception of your business that sets you apart from others. It is based on a myriad of the collective impressions made through your name, logo, slogan, graphic design, reputation and much more. A memorable brand must reflect your values and vision to connect to your customers in an intangible, yet substantial way. It must always remain authentic to your company’s personality and principles. It is the sum of your attributes and is at the heart of your marketing, advertising, PR and social media campaigns.

The branding experts at 6 Pillars Marketing will highlight what makes your company distinct and create an unmatched visual identity.

We’ll help you stand out in a crowd, on the shelf, or on a computer screen, with a unique style and visual language. Following comprehensive research, our team will help build a meaningful brand that may include a striking logo design, a compelling slogan, creative design standards, brand building, geographical branding and brand positioning strategies, client profile development and internal branding. For those with previously established or corporate brands, we can conduct a brand analysis to identify gaps and propose enhancements.

At 6PM, it is our job to become experts on your company. We will coordinate closely with you and your leadership team, providing options and honing concepts to create a brand that works favorably for you today and into the future.


Create. Project. Impress.

The world of marketing is about so much more than print ads and television commercials. The multimedia environment in which we operate today demands an agency capable of effectively producing compelling communication pieces that work online, on a phone, on a shelf, in the mail, on a wall, in a window, on a vehicle, during an event, and anywhere else where you need to reach your customers.

Our award-winning graphic design team can help your business tell its story visually, reinforcing your brand and fulfilling your diverse advertising needs. 6PM’s creative specialties include print, digital, web design and motion graphics. Experience with traditional print design techniques and state-of-the-art digital tools means we create memorable visuals that stand out from the competition. To innovate in a dynamic market, we can incorporate culturally inspired, retro or modern designs to establish a look that resonates with your audience.

When combined with our photographic and multimedia expertise, 6PM’s professional graphic designers and artists can produce beautiful, eye-catching graphics that make your products and services shine. Imagine your ad awash in a colorful design with stunning imagery, your logo prominently standing out and an incredible drone photo for maximum impact. At 6PM, we can produce this graphic delight using all in-house services. We eagerly await the opportunity to put our multi-talented specialists to work for you.

6PM’s graphic design capabilities include: impactful designs for promotions, ads and campaigns (print and digital), motion graphics, collateral marketing, printed and electronic press kits, large format printing projects, branded promotional material for giveaways, branded event materials, digital signage, customized step and repeat backdrops, billboards, banners, business card design, static displays, vehicle wraps, window decals and more.


Plan. Manage. Control.

Fundamental to your company’s growth is a well-planned creative strategy that supports your brand and drives your marketing. With a clear understanding of your business objectives, 6PM’s experts will develop a creative strategy that presents a clear path forward for your external and internal communications, keeping assorted campaigns aligned and spending on budget.

A worthy creative strategy is budgeted properly to maximize ROI and includes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track progress for your defined target audience. 6PM’s creative artists and brand experts will also develop the guiding principles in creating consistent advertising and marketing materials — such as language, tone and essential graphical elements so that customers will recognize your brand at a glance.

A solid creative strategy allows you to effectively manage fast moving and diverse marketing programs, while firmly in control of your image.

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