Branding, Graphic Design & Creative Strategy


Identify. Build. Shape.

Your brand identity is the comprehensive perception consumers have of your business, and it’s what sets you apart in a competitive market. This identity is crafted through your name, logo, slogan, design, and overall reputation.

At 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM), our branding experts specialize in creating an unmatched visual identity that authentically reflects your values and connects with customers in a meaningful way.

We conduct thorough research and use innovative branding strategies to build a memorable brand that resonates with your audience. This includes unique logo design, creative slogan creation, and effective brand positioning strategies. For established brands, especially those in Hawaiʻi, we provide detailed analysis to identify areas for enhancement and propose impactful improvements.

We delve deep into understanding your company and work closely with your leadership team to create a brand that positively represents you today and in the future.


Create. Project. Impress.

In today’s diverse marketing landscape, effective graphic design is essential for communicating your brand’s story across multiple platforms. Our award-winning graphic design team at 6PM is adept at creating visually stunning pieces that reinforce your brand identity and meet your advertising needs.

We cover a wide range of design services, from print and digital to web and motion graphics. Our team can craft culturally inspired, retro, or modern designs and more to create a visual appeal that resonates with your specific audience.

Our graphic design expertise extends to producing eye-catching graphics for promotions, ads, print and digital campaigns, motion graphics, collateral marketing, press kits, large format printing, branded promotional materials, and digital signage, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence.


Plan. Manage. Control.

A well-executed creative strategy is crucial for the growth of your company. It supports your brand and drives your marketing efforts. At 6PM, we understand your business objectives and develop strategies that align with your campaigns to maximize ROI. Our creative team sets KPIs to track progress and ensures that advertising and marketing materials adhere to your brand’s guiding principles. This strategic approach allows you to effectively manage diverse marketing programs while maintaining control of your brand image, which is especially crucial for companies in Hawaiʻi navigating the unique market dynamics.

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