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Reach. Inspire. Motivate.

At 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM), we transcend traditional boundaries, reaching, inspiring, and motivating your target audiences with our innovative advertising strategies. Our collaboration with you is bespoke, crafting a perfect blend of digital marketing, online presence, TV spots, radio ads, and print campaigns, all tailored to meet your unique needs. Our seasoned team is renowned for executing compelling Hawaiʻi-focused marketing campaigns that not only meet but exceed expectations, creating a lasting impression both locally and globally.

In our commitment to cutting-edge marketing solutions, we proudly introduce AI marketing services, a game-changer in precision advertising. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we elevate your advertising strategies, ensuring precise targeting, insightful data analytics, and revolutionary approaches in the dynamic Hawaiʻi market and beyond.

6PM is Hawaii’s premier full-service agency with expertise in marketing strategy, digital marketing, online strategy, branding and anything else it takes for businesses, corporations and organizations to excel in today’s rapidly evolving environment.

Advertisement strategy for Hawaii hospitality
‘Alohilani Advertisement Strategy for Print and Digital Publications
Marketing strategy poster
Partnership Marketing Strategy with Walmart and Procter & Gamble


Integrated. Cohesive. Dynamic.

Unleash the power of calculated and intentional marketing with 6PM. We pride ourselves on designing and executing hundreds of integrated marketing campaigns, leveraging the combined strength of our six pillars – including exceptional graphic design, responsive crisis communications, engaging social media marketing, and impactful public relations. Our diverse team of marketing experts is uniquely positioned to craft interconnected marketing strategies, ensuring your brand’s consistency and reliability in the eyes of your customers.

Whether we’re strategizing for a global brand, a boutique Hawaiʻi retailer, or a local nonprofit, our marketing plans resonate deeply with your target audience. Allow 6PM to inject momentum into your brand with dynamic marketing tactics that make a tangible difference and deliver a measurable ROI.


Define. Analyze. Transform.

At 6PM, we recognize that a robust marketing strategy is the cornerstone of your brand’s future success. Acting as a powerful springboard, it launches your advertising and marketing initiatives into new heights. Our experts dive deep into your business plan, long-term visions, objectives, target demographics, and the competitive landscape. Through meticulous market research, we not only define but also expand your customer base.

Our mantra is continual refinement. We meticulously analyze content consumption patterns, shared values, and customer needs to develop a brand narrative and messaging that truly engages. To keep you at the forefront, our specialists continuously refine your marketing strategies, employ cutting-edge tactics, fortify your brand, and adapt to market shifts. Be it new competitors or unforeseen challenges like health crises, our agile approach, demonstrated during our rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, ensures your brand’s resilience.

As your comprehensive creative partner, 6PM is dedicated to transforming your business, giving you a competitive edge in Hawaiʻi’s dynamic market.

Hawaii advertisement campaign
Advertisement Campaign for SALT at Our Kaka'ako Branding

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