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Reach. Inspire. Motivate.

At 6PM, we aim to reach, inspire and motivate your target audiences through highly creative and well-placed advertising. We will collaborate closely with you to deliver the correct mix of digital, online, TV, radio and print advertising to effectively meet your needs. Our team of creative professionals execute Hawaii marketing strategies that exceed client expectations, garnering invaluable local, national and international impacts.

6PM is Hawaii’s premier full-service agency with expertise in marketing strategy, digital marketing, online strategy, branding and anything else it takes for businesses, corporations and organizations to excel in today’s rapidly evolving environment.

Advertisement strategy for Hawaii hospitality
‘Alohilani Advertisement Strategy for Print and Digital Publications
Marketing strategy poster
Partnership Marketing Strategy with Walmart and Procter & Gamble


Integrated. Cohesive. Dynamic.

An intentional and calculated brand logo and design can make all the difference in your ability to connect with customers. A preplanned crisis response sequence is best established before it occurs. A successful social media plan requires that you routinely interact with your audiences in meaningful ways. But how do these seemingly different marketing elements successfully come together for your organization?

6PM has designed and executed hundreds of cohesive advertising and marketing campaigns that take advantage of the strength of our 6 pillars — including graphic design, crisis communications, social media marketing and public relations. With a wide range of in-house experts, 6PM is uniquely qualified to weave together an interconnected marketing plan to project a consistent and reliable brand to your customers.

Whether creating a marketing plan for an international brand, a boutique store or a local nonprofit, we will design it to resonate with your target audience. Let 6PM help build momentum in your business or organization with dynamic marketing tactics that make a difference and deliver measurable return on investment (ROI).


Define. Analyze. Transform.

At 6PM, we believe that a solid marketing strategy sets the foundation for all future success. It is a substantial and vital springboard that will propel your future advertising and marketing campaigns. To establish your marketing strategy, 6PM’s experts will first understand and absorb your business plan, your long-term goals and objectives, and your target audiences, as well as that of your competitors.

6PM will conduct market research to help further identify, define and expand your customers – existing and potential. Our job is to analyze where they consume information, their shared values and their needs. From there, we will develop your brand and messaging to clearly and effectively engage them.

To keep ahead of the competition, 6PM’s experts will continually refine your marketing, use innovative tactics, reinforce and protect your brand, and identify dynamic shifts in the marketplace that might impact your business. Those challenges can be a new competitor in the market or a health crisis like COVID-19. Our clients were not alone when the pandemic struck in 2020. 6PM experts quickly launched numerous new marketing initiatives to keep our clients connected to their audience.

As a full-service creative solutions company with a seasoned and professional staff, 6 Pillars Marketing will help transform your business and give you an edge over your competition.

Hawaii advertisement campaign
Advertisement Campaign for SALT at Our Kaka'ako Branding
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