Sea Life Park


THE CLIENT: Palace Entertainment – Sea Life Park

Palace Entertainment is one of the leading leisure park operators in the United States, with popular attractions located in ten states. Among Palace Entertainment’s most unique and beloved parks is its world-renowned destination, Sea Life Park. Located along the coastline in beautiful Makapuʻu on the island of Oahu, Sea Life Park provides family-friendly entertainment with wide appeal. Offering a variety of interactive, educational, and wild-animal experience programs, Sea Life Park has become a landmark in the Aloha State and is considered Hawaii’s top marine park, as well as a prime destination for a wide range of events. 


When Sea Life Park desired a new, signature community event that not only entertains but also shares the Hawaiian culture with residents and visitors, they turned to 6 Pillars Marketing to make it happen. With strong connections to award-winning artists and hula halau, 6PM was well positioned to undertake the exciting project and shortly thereafter created and launched the Makapu‘u Twilight Concert Series. The series has become a much beloved annual community celebration, bringing together the sea, stars, music and dance for an unforgettable evening experience.

For four consecutive years, 6PM has produced a comprehensive marketing campaign for the annual concert series at Sea Life Park’s beautiful Makapuʻu Meadows. With award-winning artists including Kimié Miner, Anuhea, Amy Hanaiali’i, Makaha Sons, Kalani Pe‘a and more, the community eagerly awaits the yearly series. From advertising and social media to event management and production, 6PM successfully builds anticipation for the celebrated series and exceeds expectations for authentic, quality local entertainment. Each year, the campaign brings together 6PM’s diverse and experienced teams to execute yet another magical experience under the stars.



Advertising, marketing, strategy, digital & social media, e-commerce, video ads, video production, public relations, branding, graphic design & creative strategy, events, media & entertainment, photography and drone photography.

Advertising, Marketing & Strategy

Hawaii’s passion for island music drives 6PM’s marketing and advertising strategy. Advertising and promotions highlight the “Aloha Spirit” and an unforgettable experience under the stars, emphasizing the beautiful open-air venue. Our firm wrote and produced TV and digital commercials featuring our on-site video, photography and spectacular drone photography. 

Through cross-marketing, we worked with Sea Life Park to offer VIP tickets to park visitors, providing them with access to attractions while also reserving seats for the concert with a special one-on-one experience with the artists. Additionally, our team secured valuable partnerships and community-based sponsorships for the multi-day summer concert series. 

To generate awareness among music lovers, we worked with local radio stations to create dynamic on-air commercials. 6PM’s creative and memorable print ads also helped to drive sales, connecting with select audiences. Internet sales sites, such as Groupon, were also incorporated to round out the marketing campaign and maximize reach.

Public Relations

Our public relations team spotlighted Sea Life Park’s Makapu‘u Twilight Concert Series in a variety of different media. We designed a public relations campaign that included press releases, media pitches, radio and TV appearances and day-of media coordination.

6PM generated relevant exposure for both the series and performing artists, including: 

  • Securing interviews for artists on radio and TV 
  • Preparing talking points for use on television show interviews
  • Working with TV producers to secure sound requirements for the artists during broadcast performances to promote the concert
  • Providing media advisories and press releases for the series and each concert
  • Calendar postings to all local calendar sites
  • Media relations with the local press and securing coverage
  • Inviting journalists and photographers to the concerts and coordinating media access on site
  • Coverage included feature articles in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the state’s leading daily newspaper, and photo galleries

Social Media

With strong community and business partners in place, 6PM was able to secure cross-promotion opportunities for social media giveaway promotions. A collaborative effort with notable local franchises, brands and businesses, including Ruth’s Chris Steak House Hawaii and Hawaii Kai Towne Center, allowed 6PM to give away free concert packages, along with a one-night stay at the Ala Moana Hotel. These exciting Instagram campaigns generated an incredible amount of publicity for all partners involved, while also keeping anticipation high for the series. 

6PM also created and implemented paid social media ads on Facebook and Instagram to promote and encourage ticket sales leading up to each date of the concert series. Targeted social media ads allowed us to reach specific audiences while minimizing cost.

Branding, Graphic Design & Creative Strategy

Since its creation and launch, 6PM has strived for the concert series to have a genuine island feel through carefully crafted graphic design and creative strategy. Each year, as the concert series grew its reputation, we challenged our team to create increasingly impactful designs for advertising, collateral and social media graphics.

6PM’s graphic design team created colorful, eye-catching visual advertisements that were published in local magazines and newspapers. Along with print ads, digital marketing efforts included striking social media graphics and website ads. Multiple versions of the digital ads were produced in various resolutions to ensure optimal viewing on mobile devices, websites, and broadcast outlets.

Our design themes were also carried forward into the park, through oversized banners and posters, creating a strong visual consistency. 

Sea Life Park used our 6PM-produced posters and designs on its frequently visited website and on social media pages, providing our work with global viewership.

Video Production and Photography

Each year, 6PM’s talented photographers and videographers relish the opportunity to take spectacular imagery at this breathtaking venue. Combined with Hawaii’s most talented artists and hula dancers performing under the stars, each concert offers a treasure trove of visual bliss. 

The stunning video footage and photos captured by our skilled staff are then transformed into equally stunning broadcast, print and social media pieces and advertisements.

Events, Media & Entertainment

From concept to completion, 6PM works closely with Sea Life Park staff to produce and manage an outstanding concert series each and every year. 

6PM’s comprehensive scope of work includes: 

  • Entertainment and emcee booking
  • Hula halau selection
  • Entertainment accommodations such as flights, hotel, transportation and riders
  • Ticketing and VIP/ Parking list
  • Creation of series concept
  • Graphics
  • Scripts for emcees
  • Lighting effects 
  • Audio services 
  • Backstage management 
  • Labor management
  • Logistics and operations
  • Equipment rentals 
  • Security and police detail
  • Photography booking
  • Video production services

A concert is only as good as its entertainment. Through our lasting relationships with unique musicians, 6PM is able to source quality artists that will keep the crowds coming back every year. To ensure maximum promotional reach on social media, 6PM contracted the artists to share the Makapu‘u Twilight Concert Series on their own personal social media accounts, targeting audiences most likely to attend.

6PM’s seasoned on-site production staff worked diligently so that every detail went off without a hitch. An often overlooked yet critical element of a show is the emcee. 6PM carefully selected emcees and provided detailed scripts in advance, ensuring a smooth show with superb flow. 

Our hard-working and friendly on-site staff checked in guests throughout the start of the concert, managed the backstage and green room areas, and ensured that the entertainers had everything they needed in order to put on a consistently excellent show. 

Months of meticulous planning, carefully developed advertising and PR campaigns, creative design evolution and skillful negotiation with internationally recognized artists – all these elements come together year after year to make this one of Hawaii’s most memorable and cherished signature events. 6PM takes great pride in the work it has accomplished to establish and grow the Sea Life Park Makapu‘u Twilight Concert Series.