Lei Day at SALT at Our Kaka'ako


THE CLIENT: SALT at Our Kaka‘ako

Since its inception, SALT at Our Kakaʻako has been the gathering place of choice for residents and visitors of the Honolulu area. SALT at Our Kaka‘ako is Honolulu’s epicenter for local culture, dining, shopping and innovative experiences. Owned by Kamehameha Schools and comprising 85,000 square-feet of curated retail, restaurant and mixed-use space, SALT is a dynamic city block designed for exploration and engagement. SALT is the proud recipient of the 2018 the Shopping Center of the Year (SCOTY) award, presented by the International Council of Shopping Centers.

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As COVID-19 spread across the globe and made its way to Hawaiʻi’s shores in March 2020, everyday life as we knew it came to an abrupt halt. Gatherings, events and celebrations were postponed or suspended, as people were ordered to social distance for their safety. Center management, ownership and 6 Pillars Marketing — SALT’s agency of record — immediately complied with rapidly evolving federal and local orders, for public safety. As 6PM developed and implemented its crisis communications campaign, we kept the center’s community informed of relevant news, safety information and essential services still available at SALT during shelter-in-place mandates. 

While social distancing was implemented, group gatherings were prohibited and residents were told to stay in their homes, 6PM explored ways to keep the public connected to SALT and its tenants.  Through innovative programming using live video on Facebook, the SALT Livestream was born. As the situation evolved and the SALT Livestream gained popularity, we continued to grow this important outlet, providing viewers with enjoyable entertainment, education and a dose of the Aloha Spirit. As the stay-at-home order extended into May, our team quickly recognized a prime opportunity to build a SALT livestream around one of Hawaiʻi’s most beloved holidays, May Day.

6PM created a campaign named May Day at SALT, a Hawaiian tradition, as a part of the successful SALT Livestream series. 

May Day (which islanders also call Lei Day) is a significant day of celebration in Hawaiʻi. As the holiday was fast approaching, 6PM took prompt action to help SALT and its patrons celebrate the holiday during this otherwise dreary time. 6PM recognized that now, more than ever, the public deserved a fun, educational and engaging virtual event. Our teams were up for the task and developed new strategies for the May Day campaign. Highway Inn, one of SALT’s most prominent tenants and local businesses known for serving the best Hawaiian cuisine for over 70 years, was selected as our featured partner for our special May Day edition of SALT Livestream.



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Advertising, Marketing & Strategy

SALT needed new ways to keep its community and fans engaged. During the COVID-19 pandemic, 6PM immediately adjusted to the new normal. With physical gatherings no longer allowed, 6PM produced an online video series using Facebook Live, creating SALT Livestream. The Facebook series of live videos allowed the public to stay connected and enjoy engaging segments online from the safety of their own homes, providing valuable publicity for various SALT stores, restaurants and artists.

To celebrate May Day in Hawaiʻi, 6PM partnered with Highway Inn, a tenant of SALT whose first restaurant opened in Hawaii in 1947. Understanding our community’s profound appreciation for authentic Hawaiian food and the lost art of making its complex dishes, 6PM created and produced the SALT Livestream May Day Special, a Lau Lau Making Class with Highway Inn. The lau lau making tutorial featured Monica Toguchi Ryan, third generation owner of Highway Inn and her father, Bobby Toguchi. Their expertise in Hawaiian cuisine was a perfect fit for a special May Day edition of SALT Livestream. 

As expected, the concept immediately gained traction with the people of Hawaiʻi as our team began pre-promotions of the integrated campaign. Through eye-catching creative development and graphic design, comprehensive press materials, extensive digital and social media marketing, and flawless video production and live streaming, our team pulled together a truly memorable virtual event.

6PM’s ability to keep SALT connected to its key audiences through even the most difficult times, stands as a testament to our talented team of strategic marketers, writers, photographers, videographers and conceptual designers.

Public Relations, Crisis Communications and Community Relations

6PM’s public relations team crafted press releases, calendar postings and newsletter promotions to spread the word about the upcoming virtual event. Messaging included the noteworthy legacy of Highway Inn and the significance of celebrating May Day in Hawaii.

The campaign also included announcements about the livestream event in the official SALT newsletter and crisis communication updates sent to tenants. As always, to ensure maximum visibility, 6PM used all available resources to communicate our key messages. Both the general public and SALT’s community were well informed.

To ensure an enjoyable event for both the viewers and our participants, 6PM provided media training for Highway Inn representatives.  The extra effort that our team made to prep our featured guests went a long way in helping them shine during the broadcast.

Branding, Graphic Design & Creative Strategy

At 6PM, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We appreciate the important role that unique graphics play in every campaign. So, our graphic design team painstakingly customizes graphics to meet specific needs and maximize reach. To that end, tailored versions of the May Day promotional graphics were prepared for different channels, while remaining consistent with the SALT brand standards.

The eye-catching digital art was used for a variety of promotional purposes including social media, e-newsletters, tenant communication and online promotion. The May Day SALT Livestream graphics were also uploaded to the SALT at Our Kakaʻako website, which is managed by 6PM, as well as the digital directory located on property.

Digital & Social Media and Web Development

In addition to uploading the event information to the center’s website and directories, 6PM also posted creative promotional graphics on SALT’s social media platforms and Instagram story on multiple occasions. Through the use of clear, accurate and captivating content, 6PM successfully promoted the SALT May Day Livestream to its 20,000 followers on Instagram and more than 11,000 followers on Facebook. 

Additionally, a Facebook Event was created to generate excitement about the upcoming virtual celebration. 6PM recognizes the importance of social media advertising and used the published Facebook event as a social media ad. The paid ad served as an effective way to reach and encourage social media viewers – beyond SALT’s existing fans and followers – to tune into our livestream event. Our team crafted copy that resonated with viewers and strategically targeted specific audiences. The paid social media ad received 300 event responses and reached more than 9,000 people, a substantial result. 

6PM’s video production team worked closely with our social media experts to host this livestream event on SALT at Our Kakaʻako’s Facebook page. During the livestream event, our team actively engaged and interacted with viewers in real time by responding to inquiries, comments and direct messages. Such timely interaction helped to enhance the experience for those tuning in.

As evidenced by the numerous comments received during the livestream segment, the local community of Hawaiʻi was drawn to and captivated by the tutorial-style event. This SALT Livestream virtually brought people together to celebrate a local holiday, taught viewers how to make lau lau, and provided an effective connection for our client.

At the completion of the livestream, 6PM created and posted a video recap of the SALT Livestream that included highlights from the event. The video montage was shared on SALT’s social media channels.  It received more than 600 views on Instagram and also received 50 engagements and reached more than 600 people on Facebook.

Video Ads, Video Production & Live Streaming Video

6PM’s team of professional video production specialists were on site at Highway Inn to film the special May Day edition of SALT Livestream. Our team skillfully created an attractive setting for the lau lau making class that translated well to our viewing audience. Our videographers and photographers successfully documented the event from start to finish and captured the magic of May Day. 

The successful production of this special May Day edition of SALT Livestream serves as a clear example of 6PM’s ability to adapt to changing times to serve our client’s needs. 6PM’s response was timely and prompt, providing our client with a valuable solution to the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This well-received campaign engaged the community of Our Kakaʻako and beyond, while people safely sheltered in place. Every indication points to the success of SALT’s virtual May Day experience, which left a positive impression on all who participated.