DFS Waikiki



DFS Waikiki is a premier destination for luxury shopping and high-end retail in Hawaiʻi, epitomizing excellence, authenticity, and unparalleled customer service. As a beacon of quality and a curator of top international brands, DFS has cemented its reputation within the vibrant Hawaiʻi community, contributing significantly to the local economy through job creation and robust sales since its establishment in 1962. With three strategic locations across Hawaiʻi – including the iconic flagship store on the bustling Kalākaua Avenue in Waikīkī, and additional outlets at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu and the Kahului Airport in Maui – DFS Waikiki is at the heart of Hawaiʻi’s world-renowned retail scene. These prime locations facilitate access to an exclusive selection of luxury brands for locals and tourists. By leveraging Hawaiʻi’s unique cultural and geographic appeal, DFS Waikiki continues to enhance its offerings, making it a must-visit destination for premium shopping experiences in one of the most sought-after retail corridors globally.


In Spring 2023, the renowned event production powerhouse, 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM), was entrusted by the DFS U.S. Division with a pivotal task: to orchestrate an unparalleled event commemorating the eagerly awaited reopening of DFS Waikiki after a three-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Tasked with planning, managing, and executing this milestone celebration, 6PM spotlighted the beautifully revitalized DFS Waikiki, re-establishing it as a premier shopping and luxury retail beacon in Hawaiʻi. Our goal was to craft an event that not only celebrated the return of DFS Waikiki with elegance and impact but also captured the attention of both the media and the public, ensuring the iconic shopping destination’s grand reopening was met with the acclaim and excitement it deserved.


6PM Tactics Employed:  Experiential marketing, branding, graphic design, creative strategy, public relations, media & entertainment, photography & videography, event planning & production, stage management, scriptwriting, event staffing, menu development, coordination of catering & banquet services, and partnership marketing.


DFS Waikiki Grand Reopening & Blessing – SEPTEMBER 14, 2023
A Multifaceted Experiential Marketing Campaign by 6PM

6 Pillars Marketing (6PM), a leader in event production and marketing in Hawaiʻi, embarked on designing and delivering a grandiose Grand Reopening and Blessing campaign for the world-renowned luxury retailer, DFS. This event, marked as the luxury celebration of the year, brought together an elite assembly of top-tier business executives, esteemed government officials, and prominent figures from the visitor industry. The ceremony was graced by Governor Josh Green, who participated in the official proceedings. At the same time, DFS’s Chairman & CEO, Benjamin Vuchot, offered insights, celebrating the occasion on behalf of the global luxury brand. 6PM’s seasoned professionals adeptly handled all aspects of the event, from seamless planning and execution to deploying sophisticated public relations tactics and advanced marketing communications strategies. Our comprehensive approach ensured the monumental success of the reopening, reaffirming DFS’s stature as a premier destination for luxury shopping in Hawaiʻi.


Our expert team at 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM) took charge of orchestrating every facet of the distinguished ceremony, featuring keynotes from DFS’s Chairman & CEO Benjamin Vuchot, DFS’s Vice President of Store Operations in Hawaiʻi, Karl Sutcliffe, and Governor Josh Green. We meticulously crafted a custom stage that seamlessly integrated into a pivotal space within the store, ensuring the event’s elegant and fitting ambiance. Moreover, 6PM skillfully managed all event participants, guaranteeing precise and timely execution of the entire program, highlighting our prowess in event management and marketing strategy within Hawaiʻi’s luxury retail and visitor industry.


6 Pillars Marketing (6PM) collaborated intimately with DFS to curate a program that resonated with the brand’s global prestige and honored Hawaiʻi’s rich local customs and traditions. To infuse the event with authentic Hawaiian spirit, we engaged Kahu Kordell Kekoa to perform an inspiring Hawaiian Blessing, creating a profound connection with the islands’ cultural heritage. Additionally, the event was enriched with Hawaiʻi’s soulful melodies and vibrant dances, thanks to performances by Hālau Pua Aliʻi ʻIlima and the Keoni Ku Trio, providing an enchanting musical and dance backdrop throughout the afternoon. This strategic blend of global luxury and local tradition underscored our commitment to delivering events that celebrate cultural authenticity while enhancing brand visibility and engagement in the luxury retail sector in Hawaiʻi.


The 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM) Events Team masterfully orchestrated the official ceremony, featuring live performances by the acclaimed singer Anuhea, adding a touch of award-winning musical excellence. To elevate the event further, 6PM enlisted Brook Lee, the esteemed former Miss Universe and beloved television host, to assume the role of event emcee. With her sophisticated allure and deep local connections, Brook was the perfect choice to embody this majestic function. Our team meticulously crafted a detailed emcee script to ensure clear, timely, and effective communication throughout the event, showcasing our expertise in event management and marketing within Hawaiʻi’s luxury retail and entertainment sectors.


To amplify the celebratory ambiance of DFS Waikiki’s Grand Reopening, 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM) thoughtfully positioned an acoustic guitar player alongside three hula greeters at the primary entrance, blending the iconic luxury of the DFS brand with the authentic warmth and charm of the Hawaiian islands. This strategic initiative was part of 6PM’s comprehensive event design approach, skillfully incorporating the brand’s distinguished image with local cultural elements. The event was brought to life through a tasteful arrangement of modern floral and botanical decor, featuring exquisite tropical plants, lush island greenery, and elegantly draped leis. These decorations beautifully accentuated key areas of the venue, including the stage, registration area, food and beverage stations, bar, and high-top tables distributed along the DFS Waikīkī corridor, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere that perfectly captured the essence of both luxury retail and Hawaiian hospitality.


The Special Events Team at 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM) meticulously curated every aspect of the food and beverage offerings to ensure an exceptional experience at the DFS Waikiki Grand Reopening. Our dedicated Brand Ambassador Team presented guests with a selection of champagne, craft cocktails, and gourmet delicacies from some of the finest restaurants in Hawaiʻi. The menu featured a variety of island-inspired canapés, thoughtfully prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Highlighting Hawaiʻi’s rich distillery culture, our cocktails included premium spirits from renowned local producers such as Koʻolau Distillery, Kō Hana Distillers, and Kōloa Rum Co., showcasing the diverse range of local brands featured at DFS Waikiki. Additionally, guests were treated to an exquisite Veuve Clicquot Champagne Station, adding a touch of luxury to the event and reinforcing DFS Waikiki’s status as a premier destination for high-quality, local and international brand experiences in Hawaiʻi’s vibrant luxury retail market.


Crafted by the skilled Graphic Designers at 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM), a suite of branded signage – encompassing large format prints, wayfinding signs, sponsor displays, step-and-repeats, and menus – was pivotal in navigating guests through the vibrant array of activities at the DFS Waikiki Grand Reopening. This strategically designed signage was essential in orchestrating a seamless flow throughout the event, ensuring guests could effortlessly engage with all facets of the celebration. By integrating clear, brand-cohesive visual cues, 6PM enhanced the overall guest experience, reinforcing the event’s status as a hallmark occasion in Hawaiʻi’s luxury retail scene and elevating DFS Waikiki’s brand visibility and engagement.


6 Pillars Marketing (6PM) collaborated with the renowned local artist duo, Wooden Wave, to infuse DFS Waikiki’s brand with a touch of Hawaiʻi-inspired artistry through a captivating live surfboard painting demonstration. This unique partnership showcased the fusion of local culture and luxury retail, highlighting DFS Waikiki’s commitment to offering experiences that embody the spirit of Hawaiʻi while enhancing its position as a leading destination for premium shopping and cultural events in the Hawaiʻi market.


The expert event management team and Brand Ambassadors at 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM) were instrumental in delivering a seamless DFS Waikiki event experience, exemplifying flawless execution across all facets. Our team members provided a warm reception, efficiently managing guest registration, overseeing food and beverage services, and coordinating stage and entertainment activities, among other critical roles. This comprehensive approach reinforced 6PM’s reputation for excellence in event planning and brand ambassadorship, ensuring the DFS Waikiki reopening was a standout event in Hawaiʻi’s luxury retail and event production landscape.


Our dedicated team at 6 Pillars Marketing (6PM) engaged local media representatives, offering them a holistic and memorable experience at the DFS Waikiki Grand Reopening. Through strategic public relations efforts, 6PM significantly amplified the event’s visibility, securing a feature segment on KHON2’s Living808. Additionally, we facilitated the participation of key food and beauty social media influencers, generating further exposure and buzz around the event. An interactive, mid-century styled Photo Booth, complete with a DFS-branded backdrop, served as an ideal setting for guests to capture and share their moments on social media, further elevating the event’s profile and fostering engaging content in Hawaiʻi’s luxury retail and event marketing spheres.