City & County of Honolulu


City & County of Honolulu: Sister Cities Summit

In 2011, the Hawaiʻi Convention Center housed the Sister Cities Summit, a convention that united the four county governments of Hawaiʻi (Hawaiʻi County, Maui County, the City and County of Honolulu, and Kauaʻi County) with their sister-city partners from around the world. The conference aimed to explore collaborative opportunities for economic development, clean energy, international trade, business, educational exchange and cross-cultural understanding. The summit included appearances from the mayors of each county, along with 14 sister-city delegations and a special reception for local businesses.


Government leaders called upon 6PM to manage all organizational services for the inaugural Sister Cities Summit welcome reception at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. 6PM’s event management staff planned and executed all organization and services for the reception.


More than 400 guests, including 150 delegates from 14 international cities, attended the event. 6PM’s event management team provided: 

  • Floral decor
  • Table layout
  • Stage setup
  • Management of VIP table 
  • Lei and hotel accommodations for visiting leaders
  • Solicitation of donations
  • VIP baskets for visiting mayors and delegates
  • Banner design
  • Photo backdrops

City & County of Honolulu:
Art on the Block

The City and County of Honolulu is a local government agency with jurisdiction over both the city of Honolulu proper and the surrounding communities on Oʻahu. 6PM’s location in downtown Honolulu established us as the ideal agency to collaborate with the government on numerous conventions, conferences, and trade shows. We aimed to coordinate various government-sponsored events in a way that effectively delivered its message, cause, and concerns.


Creative arts, including visual art, music and dance, lay the foundation of Hawaiʻi’s identity and culture. In 1968, The Honolulu City & County’s Commission on Culture and the Arts was founded with the purpose of preserving the distinctive cultural and artistic expression of the islands. In 2008, the City and County of Honolulu celebrated the 40th anniversary of this vital program with the first ever “Art on the Block” event at Fasi Civic Center. 6PM, along with the mayor’s office of culture and the arts, designed the celebration to showcase the program’s impact in Hawaiʻi.



Marketing, advertising, public relations, graphic design, event production, event management, entertainment, photography, videography


Public Relations

Our marketing strategy targeted a wide audience, including keiki, adults, art-goers, music lovers, and people who simply loved an enjoyable celebration. We placed advertisements in various media, such as print, radio and television outlets, to successfully promote the celebration. 

6PM’s team of public relations specialists worked closely with city officials, including then mayor Mufi Hannemann, in order to publicize the event. Our various PR strategies, including press releases, press kits and media releases, led to widespread coverage by local media, including: 

  • The Honolulu Star-Bulletin 
  • The City and County of Honolulu website 
  • Local television news stations

Branding & Graphic Design

We worked with the city’s vision to create beautiful, colorful, and lively graphics that emphasized the idea of “aloha spirit.”  Our campaign successfully communicated the city’s desire to preserve and celebrate the visual and performing arts in Hawaiʻi. Our team of graphic artists designed elements such as: 

  • Marketing collateral 
  • Posters and banners
  • Tent design
  • Event layout
  • Visual advertisements
  • Video production on-site

Events & Entertainment

Celebrating Honolulu’s legacy as a center of culture and the arts, we produced an anniversary gala that featured handcrafted centerpieces and “ono” local food for an enthusiastic crowd. We secured “American Idol” finalist Jasmine Trias and singer Kristian Lei to headline the festival’s entertainment lineup, and we coordinated performances by the following groups: 

  • Taiko Center of the Pacific
  • The International Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association
  • Korean drumming and dancing
  • Uncle Mel and the Keiki Palaka Band
  • Various hula halau groups
  • Visual advertisements
  • Video production on-site

City & County of Honolulu:
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

Founded in 1989, The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is an association of 21 international member economies that promotes free trade and effective economic partnerships throughout the Asia-Pacific Region. Since 1993, APEC has hosted its annual Economic Leaders Meetings, where leaders, including heads of state, cabinet members, ministers and business officials from the World Bank and the World Trade Organization, gather to discuss regional trade and investment issues. The location of this annual conference rotates from year to year. 


Former President Barack Obama selected Honolulu as the location for the annual APEC Economic Leaders Meeting from Nov. 12-13, 2011. The City and County of Honolulu partnered with 6PM to execute this large-scale event at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center.



Special events planning and management


Because of our experience and professionalism in events management, our team was able to work with an international delegation of attendees, as well as various heads of nations. We worked diligently with the mayor’s office of economic development to provide: 

  • Showcases for the Honolulu Film Office and the Agricultural Liaison
  • Coordination of presentations by various governors and mayors
  • Audio-visual services
  • Construction of  convention sets
  • Equipment rentals
  • Administrative services
  • Telecommunications
  • Coordination of security for government officials 
  • Logistics and operations
  • Various special services