Honda Windward

Honda Windward


Honda Windward, located in Kaneohe, is one of the state’s leading dealerships, earning the highest customer service satisfaction of any Honda dealer in Hawaii for multiple years. It also boasts a wide assortment of new and pre-owned vehicles. A major player in the local automotive market, Honda Windward turned to 6 Pillars Marketing to grow and advance its social media presence and produce video content to drive sales (pun intended!).

Our video production team partners with sales staff to regularly produce dynamic promotional videos featuring a variety of exciting vehicles. The skillfully-produced videos are showcased on social media, along with other featured content. To ensure a genuine and fulfilling experience for social media fans and followers – aka prospective customers – 6PM also responds to comments and direct messages in a timely and effective manner.

A big part of Honda Windward’s success is a direct result of the roots it’s put down in the community. Subsequently, the marketing and social media campaigns designed by 6PM for the auto dealer extend far beyond the stereotypical car sale ads. Our team ensures the community is aware of the goodwill efforts put forth by Honda Windward on an ongoing basis. 6PM implements “feel-good” social media campaigns to cultivate the community-dealership connection, including recognizing 2020 graduates by scheduling a graduating senior for a congratulatory message, with hashtags and callouts to Windward area schools. Other community initiatives, such as Honda Windward’s sponsorship of the Hawaiian Humane Society’s annual Pets in Paradise 2021 calendar contest, are also highlighted on social media.

6PM looks forward to continuing to help steer Honda Windward into future success through highly effective social media and video production services.