Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings


If there is one thing that Disney does best, it’s providing the “magic.” This global brand is known for its magical theme parks, attractions, products and entertainment programs in multiple media, including television. Disney’s variety of global destinations, along with engagement, honeymoon and event planning services, allow couples to turn their “happily ever after” dreams into a reality. One of Disney’s recent television creations, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, takes real-life wedding celebrations and engagements to a whole new world of enchantment and shares it with the world.

Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, is a prime Disney property located in Ko Olina, on the island of Oahu, which was featured in the television series. With a wide array of companies to choose from, it was 6 Pillars Marketing that Disney selected to provide assistance with video production services for the Aulani episode of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings.


The first episodes of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings aired on The Walt Disney Company’s FreeForm cable channel. The documentary-style TV show provides a behind-the-scenes look at weddings and engagements of couples that take place at Disney destinations. The combination of Disney’s magic and Hawaii’s charm makes Aulani Resort a heavily sought out destination for fairy tale weddings. As a result, it became a featured property in one of the early episodes of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings. In 2018, the company called upon 6PM’s team of videographers and TV production staff to assist with the filming of a very special episode at Aulani. 6PM’s video production expertise and local knowledge helped ensure that the Disney magic sparkled, full of aloha, on television screens far and wide.



Video production, production assistants (PAs), transportation delivery, providing extras and additional talent, video production equipment rental and set preparation 

During the week-long project, 6PM helped to capture the moment when the surprised bride-to-be received a magical secret proposal. Our team supported the production with: 

  • Camera crew for TV filming
  • Production coordinator (staffing) 
  • Camera and sound equipment rental 
  • TV production crew and staffing
  • Hospitality & ground transportation 

6PM rented video production equipment and assisted in preparing the set, ensuring that the scene was camera-ready. In addition to being production assistants and helping film the surprise proposal, our on-site staff also acted as extras in the episode. On set, the team’s contributions were valued.

The Aulani episode, titled “Sea of Love” (Season 1, Episode 5), aired on July 9, 2018, on FreeForm, to a large national audience. Viewers who tuned in were able to “experience” the magical proposal come to life at Aulani. The episode also showcased the resort’s stunning interiors, exteriors, pools and white sandy beach, as well as the beauty of Hawaii. Ultimately, it did a wonderful job promoting the Disney property and Hawaii.

The quality of work and meticulous planning that our team provided helped ensure a vibrant and flawless episode, to meet Disney’s highest standards of excellence. The 6PM team was honored to have played a part in this world-class production.