Experiential Marketing

Tastings and Sampling Events

Various planned and hosted Diageo events spearheaded by 6PM include the Captain Morgan White Rum Launch, Naked Turtle Launch Party, Kill the Lights/Save The Turtles at Rumfire, and two Stand-up Paddle Board events. In addition to these events, 6PM has held over 200 sampling and tasting events for Diageo at major retail supermarkets, including Foodland and Times. Captain Morgan White Rum is the Captain’s first venture into the white rum arena, and has already been well received by critics with positive reviews. Described as light, sugary with light caramels, and a soft finish, Captain Morgan White Rum is sure to make a splash with its competitors. Naked Turtle Rum is named after its purity and pride of never being stored in oak barrels, and also partners with the Sea Turtle Conservancy in efforts to protect endangered sea turtles by keeping shores darker and less crowded. The rum is described as sweet and holds its own when consumed neat or mixed.

Street Teams

6PM’s tried and proven marketing strategies have shown that taking the product to the streets is totally effective. Street team staff are selected specifically to match Diageo’s image and brand, and they travel into the community, targeting Diageo’s audience and age demographic. Potential customers are able to taste and see what Diageo stands for and produces.

Brand Ambassadors

For every Diageo product, there is a specific identity and brand. In order to fulfill the perfect matches for every option, 6PM has a vast amount of talent to represent Diageo with the best brand ambassadors. Carefully picked ambassadors act as both spokespersons for Diageo and 6PM, while offering potential customers valuable knowledge and support while promoting Diageo.


Diageo, apart from being the world’s largest producer of spirits, is also dedicated to local clientele, and asked 6PM to take charge of promoting its products in Hawai‘i. Various wellknown brands under the Diageo name include Crown Royal, Baileys, Guinness, Captain Morgan, Ciroc, and many more. From street teams to high-class events, 6PM represents Diageo to Hawai‘i with fresh faces and enthusiasm.

Public Relations

The benefit of partnering with 6PM comes with the added bonus of working with an full-service multimedia company. Whenever 6PM conducts public relations for other clients, hosts or promotes an event, 6PM announces that VIP bottle service is sourced from Diageo. Diageo’s products are always represented at 6PM events, and 6PM’s public relations staff are sure to include promotional information to extensive local media about Diageo’s participation and unmatchable quality.

Graphics, Photography and Video Production