Public Relations & Social Media


6 Pillars Marketing generates relevant exposure in the mass media, providing strategic planning with measurable results. Our strong working knowledge of every media discipline and established local media relationships can ensure the most diverse coverage and exposure.

Television: News coverage and features on network and cable stations

Radio: Promotional appearances and public service announcements on top rated stations

Print: Features in daily and monthly publications, such as newspapers and magazines.

Online: Downloadable press kits and news releases, listings on event calendars, strategic links and partnerships with relevant websites, features in e-updates.


The world is changing rapidly and so is the way information is consumed. Traditional media such as print, radio, and television had clearly been the answer in the past—but with the way communication has evolved, new innovative techniques have become necessary.

6 Pillars Marketing has embraced the virtual revolution and has a dedicated team continually constructing new ways to keep up with the information age. Social media networking media such as YouTube and Facebook, organic corporate networks, vehicles like blogs, online video, and podcasts are just some of the many new media programs we have in place that could enhance your traditional media strategies.