Marketing & Advertising


Strategic alliances with partners that complement each other and have a similar common goal can ultimately lead to a strong brand. 6PM regularly works with a variety of corporate businesses, city and state offices, community organizations and non-profits. We have established on-going relationships with some of these groups through sponsorships, endorsements and other means of professional tactics.

Strategic Planning and Consulting–we can provide effective outreach to your audience by employing the following:

• Sponsorships
• Partnerships
• Product Placement
• Endorsements

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6 Pillars Marketing takes your product or service and produces creative, revenue-generating advertising campaigns. We work within your budget and deliver successful print, video, and online ads on deadline. Because 6PM has an in-house creative department with writers, videographers, conceptual designers and marketing experts, we can develop a complete ad campaign, and research the best media to reach your target market. We select the best advertising methods to maximize your returns on advertising investments. And, if there is a last-minute change in copy, photo or any other creative element, we can make that change quickly, because we don’t have to send the request to an outside contractor.

6PM can provide the following for your advertising needs:

• Copywriting (print, broadcast, online)
• Messaging strategy
• Photography
• Video
• Pre-and-post production services
• Ad or media placement