Interactive Media & Video


Attract online users to your website with the right mix of content, graphics, navigation tools and functional features, and generate loyal returning customers. 6PM creates attractive, user-friendly, sophisticated and easily accessible websites.

Our website developers will ensure that your clients or potential clients utilize your company’s website on a consistent basis. The look of your website is key to keeping web viewers interested; at the same time, your site must be seen as useful and easy to navigate. Our content and website developers will set up your website, write and create content, design graphics and viral videos, and overall make it easier for clients to access and stay interested in your service.

In this day and age, more and more users are primarily utilizing mobile devices, and we at 6PM recognize this enormous arena to harness for web design potential. We can design your website to be optimized for mobile use and maintain a sleek, continuous flow that fits a smaller mobile screen.

• We produce memorable, responsive websites that will draw users back
time and time again.
• Web design will be responsive, beautiful, and tailored specifically to your
service or business.
• Our team will ensure visibility on major search engines, optimized for friendly sharing.


Using our technical expertise plus the latest software and technology in still photography, video and film photography and production, 6 Pillars Marketing will produce innovative photography, video and film programming for the web or for TV broadcast and presentation purposes that captures the imagination and gets attention.

Viewers retain more information that is presented visually, which makes sharing information via video a no-brainer. However, video production can be daunting. Our knowledgeable team at 6PM can help you with this, and offer creative video production for your service or internet presence that will be relevant, informative and engaging. Your business can be highlighted in ways that target new, video-oriented audiences, thus opening up an entirely new realm of effective marketing.

• Use video to showcase more in-depth detail about your amazing product or service.
• Bring more traffic to your website with interactive videos and photography
that draw the eye.
• Videos will enhance your company’s presence on major search engines.
• Our team will optimize your video to better adapt to various internet
speeds and downloads.
• Share your video to draw attention to your product or service and expand
your client reach.

Advertising & Promotions:
• Television Programs and Commercials
• Music Videos
• Product Demonstrations
• Infomercials
• In-House Programming
• Web-Based Streaming Video

• Training Videos
• Multimedia Press Kits
• Marketing Packages
• Documentaries
• Sales Videos
• Production Coordination:
• Casting
• Auditions