Pepsi approached 6PM with a vision to bring the Pepsi mentality of “Live for Now” to Hawaii, and make it relevant and real to the Island culture. 6PM developed that vision into reality, with an all-inclusive brand, “Drink Aloha,” which inspired the community to embrace Pepsi as a top-notch, locally-made and produced brand, and part of the Hawaii ohana.



Only 6PM could imagine a concept such as “Drink Aloha” that would involve as massive consumer participation as it did. With overwhelming support from the community, Pepsi’s presence was solidified in Hawaii as part of the local family.

Graphic Design

6PM’s group of talented graphic designers work relentlessly to produce images and prints that are memorable and unique. For Pepsi, 6PM’s designers came up with various creatives that evoked a sense of what “Drink Aloha” encompassed, which was centered around the natural Aloha spirit of Hawaii.


Experiential Marketing

• Street Teams
• Brand Ambassadors
• Free Samplings
• Consumer Marketing

6PM staff brought the Pepsi brand to the streets, setting up booths and tents in locations with heavy foot-traffic so that tasters could sample and enjoy all that “Drink Aloha” has to offer. Staff also offered exciting games and prizes to participating consumers, and riled up the crowd with engaging tastings.

New Product Launch

• Pepsi Next
• Pepsi Wild Cherry
• Kickstart
• Starbucks Refreshers
• Starbucks Iced Coffee

For every new product launch, 6PM organized and produced large-scale events held at Hawaii’s only water park, Wet’n’Wild in Kapolei. “Pepsi Day” is an annual event, entirely produced by 6PM, that allows visitors to enjoy the refreshing environment of the fully-fledged water park, as well as participate in games and competitions themed after Pepsi philosophies, such as “Live for Now,” all while tasting delicious samples of new Pepsi drink launches. Other related events also include “Mountain Dew Day,” surfing contest, video game tournament, pong tournament, dance competition and much more.

6PM also planned and hosted the Pepsi Official NFL Pro Bowl Concert, hosting international artists such as DJ Lupe Fiasco and rising British pop star Foxes to perform at The Republik, drawing in sold-out crowds. Audiences enjoyed exceptional performances in a memorable and lively Pepsi-themed arena.

Social Media

Utilizing the handiwork of 6PM’s talented social media staff, “Drink Aloha” was able to grow from a relatively unknown concept into a state-wide recognized slogan. Posts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allowed the 6PM vision to grow beyond all expectations, and also was the key factor in drawing in the community to participate in living the “Drink Aloha” slogan through their own posts and photos.

Public Relations

6PM’s extensive media list allowed Pepsi to grow its roots within a supremely diverse and interconnected public relations network. PR staff at 6PM drafted and sent out numerous publications and broadcasts in order to reach all local media persons with the Pepsi message, announcing Pepsi events, and branding the Pepsi name.