Discover Series

6 Pillars Marketing was tasked with creating an innovative community campaign to bring together families and businesses, featuring various locations throughout Hawaii. The result was 6PM’s Discover Our Islands campaign, originally developed and implemented in 2012 as a totally new concept in Hawaii. The very first event was Discover Kaka‘ako, a family-friendly festival that focused on celebrating the unique aspects of the up-and-coming community of Kaka‘ako.

Kaka‘ako key players, Howard Hughes Corporation and Ward Centers, wanted to develop a collective community event that would embrace the dymanic, up-and-coming growth of the Kaka‘ako district. Small businesses and residential areas began to thrive in a once solely industrial area, so Discover Kaka‘ako was born to showcase various Ward Centers vendors, food trucks, entrepreneurs, small businesses, fashion designers, local artists and musicians to represent the swiftly-growing and dynamic town. 6PM planned and executed one Discover Kaka‘ako event per month for a continuous 12-month run, with each event drawing in consistently large crowds of families to explore Ward Centers.

The success of Discover Kaka‘ako led 6PM to expand the idea to highlight other areas of Oahu, including North Shore, Kualoa and Windward. Each community gathering brought together families, resources, nonprofits, partnerships and fostered a love for each respective locale.

Discover North Shore, held on the beautiful grounds of Turtle Bay Resort, highlighted the natural beauty of Kuilima Point. Known for its amazing surf spot and amazing sunsets, Kuilima Point served as the setting for Discover North Shore. Family and friends enjoyed locally prepared foods, North Shore musicians, artists and fashion designers, and experienced other invaluable community offerings.

Discover Kualoa was 6PM’s next branch of the campaign, partnering with Kualoa Ranch to celebrate the fabled Hawaiian Makahiki season, which ushers in the New Year from January through March. 6PM organized three consecutive Discover Kualoa events, ensuring that each gathering had a theme to highlight Kualoa’s ahupua‘a and community. Guests enjoyed traditional Makahiki activities, including games, sports, activities, tours and more.

Discover Windward brought together the best of Windward Mall’s food, music and fashion, also highlighting the community’s nonprofits, foundations and family-friendly services. 6PM organized this larger-than-life event for Windward Mall, and ensured a diverse and enjoyable mix for family and friends to gather and interact with their community’s resources.


6PM wanted to execute an event that focused first and foremost upon the qualities and pieces that made each community unique unto itself. The Discover Our Islands campaign was built upon an equation formulated by 6PM. Each event would bring together the following facets: family, food, fashion, art and music. Through providing the best for each element, the Discover events would flourish into a multisensory experience that held something for every attendee, regardless of age or background.

As a result of this, the Discover brand became synonymous through Hawaii as a reliable and authentic experience, ensuring that each Discover event would draw in large crowds expectant of a high-quality, unbeatable community gathering.

Public Relations

With 6PM’s extensive networking connections, each Discover event was readily announced to mass media and well-publicized in strategic public relations campaigns. The results could be seen at every Discover event, and the crowds spoke for 6PM’s efficient methods of spreading the word. Our database of local businesses and media contacts proved to help with announcing specific details about each Discover campaign, such as nonprofit partners, various exciting prizes, or participating celebrities. Our public relations campaigns helped to secure front-page coverage on various publications such as MidWeek and full-page articles in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser—invaluable coverage.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s electronic culture, social media has a tremendous impact on spreading news about any event. 6PM’s knowledgable and experienced social media department employs staff who know the in’s and out’s about social media, utilizing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and much more. Consistent posts and online conversations with the local community through social media raises awareness of the Discover Our Islands campaign and each event’s social media plan can be tailored to target a specific demographic. If a Discover event has a particularly large focus on food, our social media department will take advantage of Instagram’s photo-sharing platform to draw attention to mouth-watering food photos that invite followers.

Graphics, Photography and Video Production

Event Management and Production

From start to finish, 6PM can be seen at the forefront of each Discover event, dedicated to each aspect of management and production. 6PM staff ensure that even the smallest details, such as scheduling barricade setup and manning check-in stations, to the larger variables including staging and hospitality of entertainers, is entirely taken care of.

Various services that 6PM offers at Discover events:
• Live entertainment
• Catering
• Hospitality
• Vendor acquisitions
• Sound, lighting, video projection
• Fashion show coordination
• Pre-coordination with venue
• Sales team
• Equipment rentals
• Administrative services
• Staging, floor plans
• Staffing and event help
• Logistical permission and licenses
• Set-up and break-down
• Security, crowd control
• First aid
• Pay subcontractors