6 Pillars Marketing is
Hawaii’s premier integrated marketing agency.

We specialize in marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, branding, graphic design, experiential marketing, promotions, special events and entertainment services. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we have an extensive professional network and many resources, making our services all the more valuable to our clients.

The Strength of 6 Pillars

6 Pillars Marketing (6PM) is a full-service marketing and creative design solutions provider and the leading Hawaii advertising agency, with a proven record of success.

A key to 6PM’s continued success is its superior team of professionals, dedicated to quality, innovation, teamwork and exceeding expectations for our clients!

Our stellar staff includes professionals with decades of experience in:

Advertising, Marketing & Strategy
Digital & Social Media, E-Commerce and Web Development
Video Ads, Video Production & Live Streaming Video
Public Relations, Crisis Communications and Community Relation
Branding, Graphic Design & Creative Strategy
Events, Media & Entertainment

See what our employees have to say about their experience at 6 Pillars Marketing:

Kristi – Senior Account Executive

With a background rooted in Honolulu, Hawaii, I received my bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa Shidler College of Business. After interning at Walt Disney World for a semester and graduating with my marketing degree, I was excited to apply for a position at 6 Pillars Marketing. I was welcomed into their ‘ohana with open arms as an entry-level Account Executive.

As an Account Executive I took on a wide range of responsibilities including social media, digital marketing, public relations, advertising, special events, and so much more. My responsibilities grew as I was promoted to the role of Senior Account Executive. With this promotion, I was able to expand in the areas of leadership and management, as I supervised and coordinated campaigns and projects. I also frequently met with each of our client accounts and assisted in planning and executing marketing strategies to fulfil their wants and needs. I thoroughly enjoyed working with and getting to know each of our clients. Being born and raised in Hawaii allowed me to connect with our clients and their brands on a personal level and execute exceptional marketing strategies to boost their business, service, or calling.

Working with a team like 6 Pillars Marketing has been an experience that I will cherish forever. I considered each of my colleagues to be family, and I knew that together we would be able to deliver the work and service that continue to keep our clients happy. My time with such a great company has provided me with the experience I needed to further my career. I would not be where I am today, working for The Walt Disney Company, without the skills and business practices learned at 6 Pillars Marketing. I am extremely grateful for to management team for being a great mentor and supporter throughout my professional career.

I highly recommend the services of 6 Pillars Marketing to any business, service, or entity. I know that any client of 6 Pillars Marketing will be well taken care of and pleased with the service of such a passionate team.

Marina – Assistant Account Coordinator

I’ve been very fortunate to have been provided the opportunity to work at 6 Pillars Marketing, which started as a Brand Ambassador which then led me to a promotion to Assistant Account Coordinator.

Upon graduation from McKinley High School and starting my freshman year at University of Hawaii at Manoa, I entered college aspiring to be accepted into the Shidler College of Business. With a major in Marketing, I knew that finding a job with a local marketing agency was the way to go if I were to gain the essential skills and work experience on my path to my career success. I did not want to just be involved with any marketing agency. I wanted to work for a local marketing company that was established in Honolulu, because I felt they would show the “Aloha” culture in their work and that is exactly what 6 Pillars Marketing showed me.

I began my journey with 6PM working as a Brand Ambassador promoting global household brands such as Olay, Tide, Pantene, Crest, Gillette and more. I enjoyed interacting with consumers and educating them through marketing efforts. Working as a Brand Ambassador allowed me to represent our clients in a positive way and gain first hand experience in marketing.

While working as a Brand Ambassador, I was offered a promotion to work as an Assistant Account Coordinator, assisting my colleagues with tasks including social media, events, and special projects. I attended meetings with our clients, which allowed me to gain a better understanding of the 6 pillars of marketing, including strategies.

This experience with 6 Pillars Marketing provided me such an amazing experience and opportunity to expand my knowledge as a marketing student. Working with this agency definitely equipped me with skills that are necessary to both gain hands on experience plus a positive learning experience, as well. I’ve developed a close relationship working alongside my coworkers, making the office environment a fun and productive workplace.

My journey with 6 Pillars Marketing has taught me so much. If you are a college student or seeking a job in marketing, I would highly recommend looking into 6 Pillars Marketing.

Roxy – Account Executive

I was born and raised in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii and upon graduation from Punahou Schools, I attended Claremont McKenna College and graduated with a degree in Biochemistry. I  returned home to find that although there were many interesting career opportunities, I was still unsure what career I wanted to pursue.

I decided to join 6 Pillars Marketing as a part time Brand Ambassador, representing various global brands, promoting their products throughout the island of Oahu. Assisting at special events gave me an understanding of the many moving pieces needed to coordinate a successful and memorable event. These experiences encouraged me to become more outgoing and grew my confidence in communicating effectively.

After learning about marketing as a Brand Ambassador, I was offered a promotion to Account Executive in business development where I gained an appreciation of how each of the company’s 6 pillars represented a unique, yet integral function in business.  6 Pillars Marketing tailored each of the 6 pillars to accommodate client growth, sales and brand identity. My responsibilities included internal projects, writing proposals, and representing our company in various organizations to build a strong professional network which engaged with our local community throughout Honolulu. Working at 6 Pillars Marketing allowed me to gain critical marketing knowledge and better my ability to design creative sales & marketing solutions for our clients.

6 Pillars Marketing encouraged independent work in a collaborative culture. Although each pillar had its own strength and craft, the true synergy came from working together to execute marketing campaigns. I am inspired by the strong work ethic of my coworkers and their dedication to their clients. The experience and skills I have today are from the amazing opportunities and support from the 6 Pillars Marketing team. The management team and coworkers have helped me grow both professionally and personally, and I am truly thankful for the lifelong connections and learning opportunities.

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